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The Ice Ages Slide Set

Mountain Glacier photo The Ice Ages

Scientific Authorship:
Thomas G. Andrews

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The quest to understand the cause of the Pleistocene ice ages is a fascinating example of how scientists have used different types of evidence to understand earth processes. This slide set traces history of investigation of the ice ages, from the discovery of glacial erratics and moraines in the 1800s, and the theories of orbital variations in solar radiation, to recent investigations of the glacial-interglacial cycles using evidence found in ice cores and deep sea sediments. This slide emphasizes how different types of geologic evidence can be used to understand how earth climate has varied in the past. The set includes photos of evidence of glaciers, pictures and graphs from ice cores and marine sediment cores, and pictures illustrating changes in the earth's orbit. Accompanied by a comprehensive narrative. Includes bibliography and glossary. Appropriate for college-level audiences.

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14 September 2001