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Heinrich Events Slide Set

Heinrich Events: Marine Record of Abrupt Climate Changes in the Late Pleistocene

Scientific Authorship:
John T. Andrews, Thomas G. Andrews, and Lisa M. Lixey

Images from the Slide Set
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By understanding past climate variability, scientists hope to understand the course of future changes in the earth's climate system. This slide set outlines past climate variability by reconstructing abrupt climate changes in the Late Pleistocene. The set contains a comprehensive text and accompanying color photos of icebergs, iceberg-rafted debris in marine sediment cores, and laboratory techniques with sediment cores. Detailed graphics and discussion of Heinrich events, their causes, and their climatic significance are also included. This set would be appropriate for a college level audience and could be used as a comprehensive educational tool for studying current issues in oceanography and the implications of natural climate variability from the past to the future. Set also includes a glossary and further reading lists.

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14 June 2001