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Coral Paleoclimatology Slide Sets

Coral Paleoclimatology Collage Coral Paleoclimatology: Natural Recorders of Interannual Climatic Variability

Scientific Authorship:
Thomas G. Andrews

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Corals build carbonate skeletons over many years, forming the beautiful reefs common in tropical seas. Some coral species are sensitive to water temperatures and other environmental factors, and their skeletons can record information on past climate. This slide set discusses the future implications of climate variability through the use of color photos of undersea coral, coral drilling and an accompanying text. Also included are graphic representations that discuss high-resolution paleoclimatic proxy data from corals, ENSO (El Niņo-Southern Oscillation) reconstructions and the Pacific Climate System. This set would be appropriate for college level audiences and could be used as a comprehensive educational tool for studying current issues in marine ecology, global warming and ENSO. Set also includes a glossary and further reading list.

20 slides - $25.00

Coral Paleoclimatology:
Natural Record of Climate change for High School Students

Scientific Authorship:
Sarah H. Dawson, Lisa M. Lixey, and Thomas G. Andrews

This is our first slide set designed specifically for secondary schools. It contains comprehensive text and colorful images that help illustrate many aspects of tropical marine ecosystems, including the anatomy and physiology of corals, ecology of coral reefs, and habitat destruction. In addition to discussing the ecological aspects of coral reefs, this slide set also addresses topics in climatology giving a comprehensive introduction to the Earth's climate system, climate variability, and how these scientific concepts relate to current phenomenon such as ENSO. Also discussed are subjects in applied chemistry, oceanography, and physics. This set would be appropriate for upper level high school students and could be used in conjunction with other educational materials to promote global awareness in the areas of habitat destruction, global warming, paleoclimatology, and ENSO. Set also includes a glossary and further reading lists for both educators and students.

24 slides - $25.00


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14 June 2001