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Paleo Slide Set: Heinrich Events: Marine Record of Abrupt Climate Changes in the Late Pleistocene
An iceberg like this caused the sinking of the Titanic.
CSS Hudson
Cores being transported on the CSS Hudson.
Micrograph detailing the sand-size fraction in core HU87033-009.
Micrograph detailing the sand-size fraction from the same core at 670-672 cm depth, within H-2.
X-ray of lithic-rich sediments.
H-6 at ca. 60,000 years ago is currently the oldest commonly accepted Heinrich event.
Winch lowering a piston core into the water.
"Deep-tow fish" being lowered over the end of the ship.
Scientists examining a seismic profile.
10m piston core being raised to the deck of the Hudson.
The working-half of a 7 cm diameter core being sampled on the CSS Hudson.
Core 87033-009 X-radiograph
East Greenland
East Greenland
Figure showing the processes by which ice rafted detritus are deposited and transported.
Color of the sediment at core site HU87033-009.
Core 9
Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait
Data from several sediment cores from Dowdeswell et al. [1995].
Core ODP-609, Data from Cortijo et al. [1997].
Variability in sediment properties within Heinrich and non-Heinrich sediments from same core.
Correlations with Heinrich Events. Data from Grimm et al. [1993].
Areas/sites where possible teleconnection events have been described; update of Broecker [1994].
Heinrich events and other mysteries of the earth's climate system.
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