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Paleo Slide Set: Heinrich Events: Marine Record of Abrupt Climate Changes in the Late Pleistocene
Areas/sites where possible teleconnection events have been described; update of Broecker [1994].
Fossil pine pollen abundance variations in Florida are not the only climatic signals that seem to correlate with Heinrich events. In the last several years, many scientists researching locations as varied as the Nevada desert and the Greenland ice cap have reported events they believe to be synchronous with Heinrich events. Bond et al (1993) documented correlations between Greenland ice cores and Heinrich events. Specifically Bond et al (1993) demonstrated that Heinrich events occurred at the termination of bundled cooling cycles (Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles) that were documented in Greenland ice cores, and confirmed that the cooling cycles and Heinrich events were followed by abrupt periods of significant warming. Research such as this investigates the formerly unrecognized relationships between ice sheet behavior and ocean-atmosphere temperature changes.

As is often the case in paleoclimatic research, this evidence is more compelling in some cases than in others, particularly because the dating of some phenomena correlated to Heinrich events is unspecified or unreliable

Photo Credits:
Thomas G. Andrews
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program and INSTAAR, University of Colorado, Boulder

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