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Paleo Slide Set: Tree Rings: Ancient Chronicles of Environmental Change
Measuring a tree-ring core on a moveable-stage microscope.
Once all rings are accurately crossdated, the ring widths in each sample are measured under a microscope on a sliding stage micrometer accurate to the nearest 0.01mm, and recorded in computerized data files. Other techniques are used to measure ring density and isotopic composition. This slide shows a microscope and measuring machine connected to a computer. Ring boundaries can be viewed through the microscope. A core on the stage of the machine is measured using a hand crank (near end of the stage) to move the stage with the core one ring width at a time. Once the measurement is made, an encoder converts the movement of the platform into a distance signal. The signal is converted into a width measurement, and recorded in a file in the computer.

Photo Credits:
Elaine Kennedy Sutherland
U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Delaware, OH
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