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Paleo Slide Set: Packrat Middens: Vegetation & Climate Variability in the Southwestern United States
1904/1981 comparison at the confluence of the west branch of Santa Cruz River in Tucson, AZ.
Paul Martin, University of Arizona, next to Pleistocene midden.
Neotoma cinerea, the bushy-tailed woodrat sitting on den, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.
Bone of the giant camel, [Camelops sp.], found in a midden from the Garrison site.
Laboratory preparation of midden sample.
Pleistocene midden from Burro Canyon, Kofa Mountains, Yuma County, Arizona
Bristlecone pine needles from late glacial age packrat midden; Ladder Cave in eastern Nevada.
Packrat middens in the western U.S.
Aerial view of the eastern Grand Canyon.
Vegetation Changes in the Grand Canyon
Evidence from 89 Packrat Middens
Lake Powell [1200 m] and Navajo Mountain [3166 m]
Allen Canyon Cave, [2200 m] in San Juan County, Utah.
Selected taxa from midden macrofossils, Allen Canyon Cave, San Juan County, Utah.
Plant zonation with elevation on the Colorado Plateau from the last glacial to the present.
Fossil packrat midden records of piņon pine along a north-south transect from Mexico to Colorado
Comparison of the late Pleistocene and modern vegetation of the American Southwest.
Ponderosa pine woodland with plume from large fire in the background.
Piņon-juniper woodland at Mesa Verde National Monument, southwestern Colorado.
Upper Sonoran Desert vegetation along the Apache Trail, central Arizona.
Scanning electron micrograph of stomatal rows from a modern limber pine needle.
Changes in CO2 levels and stomatal density in limber pine during the last 25,000 years.
A Temporal Test of Bergmann's Rule
Pueblo Bonita, Chaco Canyon, NM
Radiocarbon ages of midden macrofossils at Chaco Canyon.
A midden made by the leaf-eared mouse (Phyllotis) along a river oasis in the Atacama Desert.
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