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Paleo Slide Set: Coral Paleoclimatology
Long Delta 18O record from Urvina Bay, Galapagos.
The last figure demonstrated the accuracy of coral d18O as a proxy measurement of sea surface temperatures. d18O can also serve as a proxy measurement for precipitation, particularly in areas like the central Pacific where large ENSO-related oscillations in annual rainfall occur. Now that scientists have established the reliability of coral d18O as a proxy signal, they are beginning to take deeper cores that provide increasingly long climatic records. Think of coral d18O as a paleothermometer that enables us to answer important questions about climatic variability in the world's oceans. This core from the Galapagos Islands gives us a 350-year record of sea surface temperatures and, by extension, El Niño activity in the eastern Pacific.

Photo Credits:
Thomas.G. Andrews
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
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Last Modified: 12 October 2001

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