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Paleo Slide Set: Climate and the Classic Maya Civilization
slide image View of the ancient Maya city of Tikal, Guatemala
slide image Map of the Maya Area and its boundaries, from Coe, 1987
slide image Temple I at Tikal, Department of Peten, Guatemala
slide image Palace from Tikal, Department of Peten, Guatemala
slide image Timeline of the Maya Civilization, from Coe, 1987.
slide image Quantitative representation of the Classic Maya Collapse, from Lowe, 1985
slide image Symptoms of the Classic Collapse.
slide image Proposed causes of the Collapse
slide image Contour map of the modern annual water deficit on the Yucatan Peninsula.
slide image Yucatan Peninsula with the Koeppen climate classification system.
slide image Lake Chichancanab looking towards the eastern hills.
slide image Lake Punta Laguna located in the northeastern section of the Yucatan Peninsula
slide image Hydrologic cycle of a closed-basin lake
slide image Pie diagram illustrating the dissolved ion content of Lake Chichancanab.
slide image Gypsum crystals (CaSO4) found within the littoral zone of Lake Chichancanab
slide image Pie diagram illustrating the dissolved ion content of Lake Punta Laguna
slide image Oxygen isotope balance of closed basin lakes.
slide image Oxygen isotopic ratio of rainfall/groundwater, Lake Chichancanab & Lake Punta Laguna.
slide image Interpretation of how changes in the lake sediment record detail climate change
slide image Dr. Jason Curtis holding the mud-water interface corer from Lake Chichancanab.
slide image Extruded core from Lake Chichancanab with abundant white shell material in the core.
slide image Example of ostracod shell, genus Candona
slide image Example of gastropod shell, Pyrgophorous coronatus
slide image Front view of a gaseous-source stable isotope mass spectrometer.
slide image Data from the Lake Chichancanab
slide image Oxygen Isotope record of Punta Laguna and Chichancanab, from Curtis et al. 1997
slide image Comparison of data ostracods and Maya cultural periods, from Curtis et al. 1997
slide image Comparison of the oxygen isotope record of ostracods with the microparticle concentration data.
slide image Chac the Rain God
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