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Paleoclimatology slides

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How can we learn about climate variability over the span of hundreds and thousands of years?

What are paleoclimate proxy data and how are they collected?

What techniques have scientists developed to study past climate variability when records from instruments are not available?

How do tree rings, ice cores taken from ice caps, coral reefs and even the nests of packrats reveal important information about past climate patterns?

The following series of slidesets provide background on a variety of paleoclimatology subjects, including Ice Ages, Tree Rings, Ice Cores, Coral Reefs and much more.

Each set of 20-40 slides includes vivid photographs of field research conducted around the globe, high-quality graphics of important datasets, and descriptive diagrams, making these sets ideal instructional aides. The online version includes an online glossary, detailed background information and large, high-resolution versions of each slide. Unless otherwise noted, these materials are appropriate at the college level. Included is a detailed narrative that is designed to accompany the slides. See Use of NOAA Images for restrictions on the use of these images.

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