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Assessing the Range of central North America Droughts & Associated Landcover Change

NOAA/NASA Workshop:
Assessing the full range of central North America Droughts and Associated Landcover Change
Boulder, Colorado, June 2-4, 1999

Jonathan Overpeck and Robert Webb, Dan Muhs, and Connie Woodhouse co-chairs
Participant List

An overarching goal of paleoenvironmental research in the Great Plains is to reconstruct temporal and spatial patterns of paleodrought, and its impacts, in central North America during the mid to late Holocene.  The goal of this workshop will be to summarize the current understanding of paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental history of the High Plains during the Holocene with emphasis on the last 2000 years (what is known, and what must be studied further). The workshop will also help determine how best to coordinate fieldwork and share resources in order to make a much needed leap forward in terms of mapping out the time-space distribution of past events.  The resulting improved documentation of the timing, severity, duration, and spatial patterns of past droughts on the High Plains is needed to understand and assess land-cover change on the High Plains.

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
18 June 1999