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Reconstruction of Past Drought
Across the Coterminous United States from a
Network of Climatically Sensitive Tree-Ring Data

Dr. Edward Cook, Dr. David Meko, Dr. David Stahle and Dr. Malcolm Cleaveland
Author Affiliations

Science funded by the Paleoclimatology Program of the NOAA Climate and Global Change Program (Grant NA36GP0139). Data and WWW interface developed in collaboration with NOAA NESDIS National Geophysical and Climate Data Centers.

Use this page to look at PDSI data for selected years. You may view instrumental drought data as well as tree-ring reconstructions. Tree-ring maps exist for 1700-1978. Instrumental maps exist for 1895-1995. There are also animations of the annual plots for these time periods.

  • To download an image click on the image, then go to Save As in the browser menu and save the image to the directory of your choice.

      Instrumental Animation (AVI(8.8MB)) or (Quicktime(3.0MB)

      Tree-ring Animation (AVI(23.7MB)) or (Quicktime(7.6MB)

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    25 January 1999