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Reconstruction of Past Drought
Across North America from a Network
of Climatically Sensitive Tree-Ring Data

Download PDSI data:
2004 versions of North American Summer PDSI reconstructions:
Description of available data
Reconstructed PDSI data files for each gridpoint. Filenames correspond to gridpoint number.
Plot PDSI data for each gridpoint.
PDSI gridpoint map.
PDSI gridpoint location listing, 286 longitude-latitude pairs in decimal degrees
Reconstructed PDSI data for all gridpoints Note: Large File ~ 4.3MB
Number of tree-ring chronologies used for each gridpoint PDSI reconstruction Note: Large File ~ 4.3MB

Verification statistics:
Summary Statistics a table of recon stats for the most highly replicated grid point models.
The time- varying stats can be found in the complete grid-point matrices:
The calibration period R-square Note: Large File ~ 4.3MB
The verification period R-square Note: Large File ~ 4.3MB
The verification period RE Note: Large File ~ 4.3MB
The verification period CE Note: Large File ~ 4.3MB

Instrumental PDSI:
Instrumental PDSI data for all gridpoints, 1900 - 2003 AD

1999 versions of PDSI reconstructions, USA only:
(corresponding to data which can be viewed and plotted by grid point and upon which annual PDSI maps are based):

Download Reconstructed PDSI Data for all grid points (Excel format)
Download Instrumental PDSI Data for all grid points(Excel format)
Data File Description

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6 August 2004