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Updated 8/30/99

What's New

September, 1999 Atlas announcement published in Quaternary Research
December 29, 1998 Climate Catalog from Mock and others (1998)
October 30, 1998 Interactive site map
October 30, 1998 Updated maps and data files
September 30, 1998 Microfossil Analysis Reference Source
June 15, 1998 Maps of the Atlas web site.  One showing traditional web hierarchy, one showing pages from a topical point of view.
May 26, 1998 New Web Address for Atlas:   Please note in your preferences.
May 26, 1998 Beringian photo gallery.  Pictures Beringian vegetation, landscapes, and more.
May 13, 1998 Movie of the flooding of the Bering Land Bridge.
April 16, 1998 High resolution climate studies - polar view of a 5 year temperature reconstruction of temperature from 27 sites around the arctic for the last 400 years.
April 16, 1998 Modern beetle distributions and climatic tolerances; paleotemperature estimates from fossil beetle remains using the MCR reconstruction method;
January 20, 1998 Preliminary BIOME results available for modern, 6000 yr. B.P., and 18,000 yr. B.P.
January 16, 1998 Preliminary rules-based vegetation classifications for modern, 6000 yr. B.P. and 18,000 yr. B.P.
January 5, 1998 New Atlas Web Page format!  Additions include complete more complete base maps, chronological assessments.