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Updated 8/30/99

The Beringian Environment


Beringia is a large (~34 million square kilometers) region of the Arctic comprised of far eastern Russia (East of the Lena River - ~140E) and northwestern North America (Alaska and northwest Canada - west of 130W). At present, the area consists of western and eastern land masses seperated by the a shallow body of water called the Bering Strait.

This section of the atlas presents information about the Beringian environment. It represents the heart of the atlas, and is the place where the user will find all of our assembled information about the history of Beringia. We describe the Beringian environment by presenting background information, the data used in our environmental reconstruction, our results, and a gallery of images pertaining to the landscape.

Background Information: Includes information on the modern environment and Atlas methods.

Atlas Data: Search for and download Atlas data.

Results: Information on paleoenvironment and paleoclimate.

Image Gallery: Images and animations of changes in the Beringian environment through time.