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Paleolimnology Data, Elk Lake(s), Minnesota

The WDC for Paleoclimatology archives 3 published collections of data from 2 Elk Lakes located in Minnesota. Full references and data descriptions are provided in the readme files.

Elk Lake, Clearwater County, Minnesota.
Dean, et al. USGS Open File Report 94-578.
Readme File and USGS Fact Sheet
Varve Thickness and Carbon Content
Elements and X-Ray Flourescence
Diatoms and Diatom Species Codes
Bradbury and Dean GSA Special Paper 276.
Readme File and Detailed Data File Descriptions
Physical Properties Data
Pigment Data
Pollen Data
Varve Thickness
X-Ray Flourescence
Elk Lake, Grant County, Minnesota, 45° 52'N, 95° 48'W.
Smith et al. Geology, 25, 391-394.
Smith et al Readme File
Ostracod Data
Geochemistry Data
Radiocarbon Dates

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