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What's New on the Paleo Web Pages - 1997

What's New in 1997:
arctic.gif (8954 bytes) 21 November 97
Data from Overpeck, et al, Science "Arctic Environmental Change of the Last 4 Centuries"
drought.gif (10182 bytes) 17 November 97
The NOAA / NESDIS Drought Variability WWW pages are online.
analyseries.gif (990 bytes) 29 September 97
Version 1.1 of Analyseries Time Series Analysis software.
pages.gif (1370 bytes) 9 July 97A Report on the PAGES/CLIVAR Intersection is now online.
educ-head.gif (17214 bytes) 28 April 97
Web pages for Educational Outreach from the NOAA Paleo Program.
tring0.gif (374 bytes) 9 April 97
Version 3.1 of the International Tree-Ring Data Bank and Display Software is now available.
igbp.gif (2094 bytes) 30 Jan 97
The IGBP - Data and Information System WWW pages are now being mirrored at NGDC and the WDC-A in Boulder.

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