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What's New on the Paleo Web Pages - 1996

What's New in 1996:
doc0.gif (1052 bytes) 04 Oct 96
Documents from the NOAA Paleoclimatology Program and PAGES are now available on the Web and via FTP. View parts of these documents or download text, postscript, or Adobe .pdf versions. In some cases, full-resolution figures are also available.
contrib0.gif (286 bytes) 24 Sep 96
A Contributions Series for paleoclimatic data has been initiated. Each data contribution has been assigned a Contribution Series Number, and a suggested citation format is provided.
palocean0.gif (252 bytes) 06 Aug 96
A Search Engine for Paleocean data is now available. Use this engine to search the Paleoclimatology Program's growing inventory of ocean sediment core data.
slides.gif (264 bytes) 21 Jun 96
Educational Slide Project.Two additional paleoclimatology educational slide sets are now available: Polar Ice Cores and Rock Varnish. Designed as teaching aides, they join earlier sets on Coral Paleoclimatology and Low-Latitude Ice Cores. Click here for Details and Ordering Information
paleoveg0.gif (328 bytes) 20 Jun 96
Pollen data now have a mirror site in Europe at mirror site hosted by Medias France.
tring0.gif (374 bytes) 20 May 96
Version 3.0 of the International Tree-Ring Data Bank and Display Software is now available.
paleoveg0.gif (328 bytes) 09 Apr 96
A Site Inventory of the Latin American Pollen Database is now available. This Inventory includes site information and bibliography for pollen sites from Central and South America.
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