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North American Pollen Database
Springfield, Illinois


The North American database began operation at the Illinois State Museum (Springfield, Illinois, USA) in late 1990 and the European database started up shortly thereafter. The NAPD benefited greatly from being able to immediately incorporate large, existing, computerized datasets (COHMAP and Pierre Richard's pollen database for Québec). NAPD Administrator: E.C. Grimm; original Advisory Board: K.J. Gajewski, G.L. Jacobson Jr., G.M. MacDonald, L.J. Maher, V. Markgraf, P.J.H. Richard, T. Webb III, and C. Whitlock.

Site Inventory

An NAPD Unacquired Sites Inventory is available from the Illinois State Museum. This inventory, in the form of a MapPad datafile, lists approximately 2000 sites (with summary information) that are candidates for inclusion in NAPD. Additions and corrections to this inventory are warmly encouraged.

Availability of Data

Data for individual sites are available in the following formats. Use WebMapper or our Search Engine to locate files for transfer to your computer.
Surface sample raw counts, organized by state/province, the Modern 70 dataset, are available. These counts are for the "modern 70" list of important pollen types.
The NAPD Base Tables (last updated 20 March 2000) are available in Paradox 4.5 format. The size of this zip-file is approximately 4.5 Mbytes. For more information on these Paradox files, see the accompanying ReadMe file.
See this How to... for guidance in retrieving and decompressing data or applications.

Contact NAPD: Eric Grimm

15 October 2003