WSL-Birmensdorf Tree Ring Data 2000

The following is a list of tree ring sites contributed to the International Tree Ring Data Bank by Dr. Fritz Schweingruber and colleagues at WSL-Birmensdorf (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research). The data set contains nearly 500 sites from around the world, including ring width and wood density measurements, and site chronologies.

The measurement files listed below have been reformatted from the WSL-Birmensdorf format into the Tucson decadal format. The links will take you to a directory at our ftp site where all the measurement files from the selected site will be located. The .rwl file corresponds to the unaltered measurement file, while the _gap.rwl file corresponds to the measurement file where gaps have been replaced with values using a recent version of Arstan. The file suffixes listed below correspond to the following measured parameters:

e = Earlywood Width i = Earlywood Density l = Latewood Width
n = Minimum Density p = Latewood Percent t = Latewood Density
w = Ring Width x = Density Maximum


File Site Name Country Code Species Filename
Denali.her Denali National-Park USA PCGL ak006
Glenn.her Glenn Highway, 10m südl. USA PCGL ak007
Moose.her Moose Pass, Seward USA PCSI ak008
Slana.her Slana bei Tok USA PCGL ak009
Eureka.her Eureka Summit USA PCGL ak010
Billy.her Mt.Billy Mitchell USA PCGL ak011
North.her Northway Junction USA PCGL ak012
Willow.her Willow Island,30km westl USA PCGL ak013
Ka-pa.hbr Katscherpass A PCAB aust005
Mariaz.her Mariazell, Gemeindealpe A PCAB aust006
Stubai.hbr Stubaital, Milderaun Alm A PCAB aust007
Stu-ar.hbr Stubaital, Milderaun Alm A PICE aust008
Tirol_pc.hbr Niederthai+div.St.,Tirol A PCAB aust113
Fly_ps.her Fly Peak, Chiricahua Mts USA PSME az551
Fly_pc.her Fly Peak, Chiricahua Mts USA PCEN az552
Snow.her Snow Bowl, San.Fr. Peak USA PCEN az553
Baldy.her Baldy Peak USA PSME az554
Lemon.her Mt. Lemon USA PSME az555
Inver.her Inverey GB PISY brit015
Shiel.her Shieldaig GB PISY brit016
Ballo.her Ballochbuite GB PISY brit017
Maree.hbr Loch Maree GB PISY brit018
Fran.her Franchise Wood GB PISY brit019
Derry.her Glen Derry GB PISY brit020
Dimm.her Dimmie Schottland GB PISY brit021
Marlo.her Mar Lodge (PCAB) GB PCAB brit022
Marlol.her Mar Lodge (LADE) GB LADE brit023
Affri.her Glen Affric GB PISY brit024
Coul.her Coulin GB PISY brit026
Plock.her Plockton GB PISY brit048
Malla.her Mallaig, Loch Morar GB PISY brit049
Vihren.her Vihren Nat.Park BG PILE bulg001
Kazan.her Sipenski prohod, Kazanla BG PCAB bulg002
Lone.her Lone Lake USA PICO ca556
Lassen.her Lassen National-Park USA TSME ca557
Fryday.her Fryday Ridge, oberhalb USA PSME ca558
Squaw.her Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe USA ABMA ca559
Yose.her Yosemite Park, E Eingang USA PICO ca560
Brunopgl.her Bruno Lake, Manitoba CDN PCGL cana038
Gunispma.her Gunisao-Lake (feucht) CDN PCMA cana039
Highspgl.her High Stone Lake CDN PCGL cana041
Armstpla.her Armstrong CDN PCGL cana042
Armstufe.her Armstrong (eben) CDN PCGL cana043
Willoufe.her Willow Lake CDN PCMA cana044
Willopla.her Willow Lake (Insel) CDN PCMA cana045
Brasjung.her Bras dOr-Lake (Insel) CDN PCGL cana046
Provipgl.her Südlich Fort Providence CDN PCGL cana047
Simpspla.her Vor Fort Simpson (Plat.) CDN PCGL cana048
Dorotpma.her Dorothea Lake CDN PCGL cana049
Mountpla.her Mountain Lake (PLA) CDN PCGL cana050
Mountufe.her Mountain Lake (UFE) CDN PCGL cana051
Brasalt.her Bras dOr-Lake (Insel) CDN PCGL cana052
Pethapgl.her Pethai-Peninsula CDN PCGL cana053
Lacpepma.her Lac Péribonca CDN PCMA cana054
Capotpma.her Capotigaman (feucht) CDN PCMA cana055
Capotpgl.her Capotigaman (nass) CDN PCGL cana056
Simpsufe.her Vor Fort Simpson (Hang) CDN PCGL cana057
Austipgl.her Austin Lake CDN PCGL cana058
Mackipma.her Mac Kinley CDN PCMA cana059
Churcpgl.her Churchill CDN PCGL cana060
Romanpla.her Lac Romanel (trocken) CDN PCMA cana061
Romanufe.her Lac Romanel (feucht) CDN PCMA cana062
Schefpgl.her Wakuach Lake (feucht) CDN PCGL cana063
Schefpma.her Wakuach Lake (trocken) CDN PCMA cana064
Eastmufe.her Eastmain River (feucht) CDN PCMA cana065
Nonamufe.her No Name Lake (feucht) CDN PCMA cana066
Nonampla.her No Name Lake (trocken) CDN PCMA cana067
Fishipma.her Fishing Creek CDN PCMA cana068
Churclar.her Churchill CDN LALA cana069
Charlpla.her Charlie Lake CDN PCMA cana070
Coatspla.her Coats River (trocken) CDN PCMA cana071
Lanapmaf.her Lac Natuak (feucht) CDN PCMA cana072
Lanapmat.her Lac Natuak (trocken) CDN PCMA cana073
Buffapgl.her Buffalo Lake CDN PCGL cana074
Lchevpma.her Lac Chevrillon CDN PCMA cana075
Eastmpla.her Eastmain River (trocken) CDN PCMA cana076
Coatsufe.her Coats River (feucht) CDN PCMA cana077
Eskerpma.her Esker CDN PCMA cana078
Webeqpgl.her Webequie CDN PCGL cana079
Yasinpla.her Yasinski-Lake (trocken) CDN PCMA cana080
Yasinufe.her Yasinski-Lake (feucht) CDN PCMA cana081
Donjek.her Don Jek River Bridge CDN PCGL cana082
Kath.her Kathleen Lake, 30km südl CDN PCMA cana083
Chilk.her Chilkat Pass CDN PCSI cana084
Cassi.her Cassiar, 10km südlich CDN PCGL cana085
Dease.her Gnat Pass,südl.Dease Lak CDN PCGL cana086
Watson.her Watson-Lake CDN PCGL cana087
Summit.her Summit Lake Pass CDN PCGL cana088
Nelson.her Fort Nelson CDN PCGL cana089
Ning.her Ningunsaw Pass, nördl. CDN PCSI cana090
Smith.her Smithers Ski Aerea CDN PCGL cana091
Pine.her Pine Pass (nördlich) CDN PCGL cana092
Bear.her Bear Lake CDN PSME cana093
Bell.her Bell Mountain b. McBreid CDN PCEN cana094
Spring.her Spring Lake CDN PSME cana095
Sunw.her Sunwapta Pass, N-Passh. CDN PCEN cana096
Peyto.her Peyto Lake, südl.Passhöh CDN PCEN cana097
Vermil.her Vermilion Pass, (Stanley CDN PCEN cana098
Vanc.her Vancouver Cyprus-Prov.P. CDN TSME cana111
Koot.her Kootenai Pass CDN PCEN cana112
Arrow.her Arrowsmith Mtn. CDN TSME cana113
Kokan.her Kokanee Glacier Prov.Par CDN PCEN cana114
Gunispba.her Gunisao-Lake (trocken) CDN PIBA cana168
Quebec.her Bonif, Quebec historisc CDN PCMA cana169
Athaal_f.her Athabasca, historisch CDN div. cana170
Athapcen.her Athabasca Glacier CDN PCEN cana171
Cadofpcg.her Campbell Dolomite U. fos CDN PCGL cana172
Cadorpcg.her Campbell Dolomite Upland CDN PCGL cana173
Silver.her Red Mtn.Pass, (Silverton USA PCEN co552
Pikes.her Pike Peaks USA PCEN co553
Cotton.her Cottonwood Pass USA PCEN co554
Whee.her Wheelman CO, (EK ab 811) USA PIPO co563
Niwo.her Niwot Ridge, (EK ab 011) USA PCEN co564
Nede.her Nederland CO, (EK ab 611 USA PCPU co565
Arap.her Arapahoe CO, (EK ab 211) USA PCEN co566
Eldo.her Eldora CO, (EK ab 411) USA PIPO co567
Boul.her Boulder Creek, EK ab 101 USA PSME co568
Trodos.her Troodos CY PINI cypr001
Trot.her Troodos (mittel) CY PINI cypr002
Trof.her Troodos (feucht) CY PINI cypr003
Plan.her Plano platres (feucht) CY PINI cypr004
Plat.her Plano platres (trocken) CY PIBR cypr005
Ceds.her Ceadar Valley (feucht) CY CEBR cypr006
Cedh.her Ceadar Valley (mittel-t) CY CEBR cypr008
Cedt.her Ceadar Valley (trocken) CY CEBR cypr009
Yamt.her Yialia (trocken) CY PIBR cypr010
Stat.her Stavros (mittel) CY PIBR cypr011
Cedn.her Ceadar Valley (mittel-f) CY CEBR cypr012
Yams.her Yialia (feucht) CY PIBR cypr013
Pyhhak.her Pyhan Hakin, Nat.Park SF PISY finl010
Laafoe.hbr Laagennus,Pyhäntunturi N SF PISY finl011
Kyynra.her Kyynärä, Nat.P.Liesjärve SF PCAB finl012
Kovero.her Kovero SF PCAB finl013
Haapar.her Haaparava, Nat.Park SF PISY finl014
Kolibg.her Koliberg SF PCAB finl015
Rokuan.her Rokuan, Nat.Park SF PISY finl016
Isosye.her Iso Syete SF PCAB finl017
Ouluan.her Ouluangan, Nat.Park SF PCAB finl018
Laajen.her Laagennus,Pyhäntunturi N SF PCAB finl019
Palasj.her Palasjärvi, Palastunturi SF PCAB finl020
C-alta.hbr Col dAllos F ABAL fran015
C-alfi.hbr Col dAllos F PCAB fran016
Niz-ta.hbr Nizza, Foret dAillon F ABAL fran017
Niz-fi.hbr Nizza, Foret dAillon F PCAB fran018
M-cen.hbr Mt.Cenis F PCAB fran019
Aubas.her Pic Aubas F ABAL fran020
Anie.her Pic dAnie F PIMU fran021
Llipo.her Llipodère F PIMU fran022
Perch.her Roc de Perches Blancas F PIMU fran023
Formi.her Formiguères F ABAL fran024
Mirau.her Miraules Refuge F ABAL fran025
Aret.her Arette, Col St. Martin F ABAL fran026
Sorba.her Col de Sorba, Mt.Renoso F PINI fran027
Tourn.her Le Tournairet F PCAB fran028
Vab_p.her Aubure (F), EU-Pr. F PCAB fran032
Lvt_p.her Vitrimont (F), EU-Pr. F PCAB fran033
L-bour.hbr Lac de Bourget F PCAB fran034
Andrb.hbr Andreasberg, Harz,Schluf D PCAB germ020
Bss_p.her Schluchsee (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ041
Rks_p.her Kaiserstuhl (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ042
Rks_a.her Kaiserstuhl (D), EU-Pr. D ABAL germ043
Bstwp.her Sulzbach-Tal (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ044
Bstwa.her Sulzbach-Tal (D), EU-Pr. D ABAL germ045
Bsisp.her Sirnitz SW (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ046
Bsisa.her Sirnitz SW (D), EU-Pr. D ABAL germ047
Bsb_p.her Silberberg (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ048
Bfb_p.her Feldberg (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ049
Bvs_p.her Villingen-S. (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ050
Bvs_a.her Villingen-S. (D), EU-Pr. D ABAL germ051
Bsh_p.her Seehalde (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ052
Bmtsp.her Münstertal (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ053
Bmtsa.her Münstertal (D), EU-Pr. D ABAL germ054
Bsiwp.her Sirnitz NE (D), EU-Pr. D PCAB germ055
Bsiwa.her Sirnitz NE (D), EU-Pr. D ABAL germ056
Katara.her Katara Pass, Metsovon GR PILE gree001
Langad.her Langada (Sparta) GR PINI gree002
Panet.her Panetolikon-Oro GR ABBO gree003
Menalo.her Menalon Oros GR ABCE gree004
Olymp.her Olympos Oros GR PILE gree005
Paye.her Cascade,Radar-St.,Payett USA PCEN id007
Galena.her Galena Pass, Sawtooth NF USA PCEN id008
Vizza.her Vizzavona, Mt.Renoso F ABAL ital005
Cort-n.hbr Cortina dAmpezzo (Nord) I PCAB ital006
Cort-s.hbr Cortina dAmpezzo (Süd) I PCAB ital007
Falt.her Mt.Falterona I ABAL ital008
Abet.her Abetone I ABAL ital009
Aspro.her Gambarie, Aspromonte I ABAL ital010
Poll.her Mt.Pollino I ABAL ital011
Ceppo.her Ceppo, Bosque di Martens I ABAL ital012
Aetna.her Aetna, Linguaglossa I PINI ital013
Blum.her Blumone, Malga I PCAB ital014
Crispo.her Sierra da Crispo I PILE ital015
Matt.her Monte Mattone I PINI ital016
Ridg.her Traveler Mountain ME POR USA PCRU me025
Eleph.her Elephant Mountain ME USA PCRU me026
Suga.her Sugarloaf Mountain ME USA PCRU me036
Turgelad.her Turgen-charchira mountai MNG LADA mong007
Hodo.her Hododoo Pass, SW-Superio USA PCEN mt105
Ltrail.her Lost Trail Pass USA PCEN mt106
Bitter.her Skalkaho Pass, Bitterroo USA PCEN mt107
Highl.her Highland Fire Outlook USA PCEN mt108
Ghor.her Ghorepanipass, Annapurne NEP ABSB nepa001
Kali.her Kalingchok Gebirge NEP ABSB nepa002
Wheel.her Ski Valley, Wheeler Peak USA PCEN nm569
Ruid.her Sierra Blanca, (Ruidoso) USA PSME nm570
Sandia.her Sandia Crest USA PSME nm571
Lofotn.her Lofoten, Loedingen N PISY norw001
Tua.her Tua, Steinkier N PISY norw002
Narvik.her Narvik N PISY norw003
Skibot.her Skibotn N PISY norw004
Skjer.her Skjerstad,Botn.Soldatenf N PISY norw005
Veolia.her Veolia, südl.Dombas 30km N PISY norw006
Crater.her Crater Lake, NE-Medford USA TSME or042
Barlow.her Barlow Pass, am Mt.Hood USA PSME or043
Ashl.her Mt. Ashland, südl.Medfor USA ABMA or044
Hood.her Mt.Hood, Timberline Lodg USA TSME or045
Swist.her Swistowko, Wyznig PL PCAB pola019
Gasi.her Gasienicowy PL PCAB pola020
Novaci.her Novaci R PCAB roma002
Roncan.her Roncan, Gium Vau R PCAB roma003
Capra.her Capra, Mt.Agarasului R PCAB roma004
Irkut.her Baikalsee, Irkutsk SU PISY russ020
Pou_la.hbr Polar-Ural (historisch) SU LASI russ021
Pou_pc.her Polar-Ural (rezent) SU PCOB russ022
Sidorola.her Sidorovsk SU LASI russ023
Kotuyala.her Kotuykan-River SU LAGM russ024
Zwanzgla.her Olenok-River SU LAGM russ025
Solenoya.her Solenoya-River SU LASI russ026
Indikyla.her Indikyakha-River SU LASI russ027
Kulyumla.her Kulyumbe River SU LASI russ028
Ikonlagm.her Ikon River SU LAGM russ029
Kulyumpc.her Kulyumbe River SU PCOB russ030
Ozerlapc.her Ozera Lama SU PCOB russ031
Nadimpco.her Nadim-River SU PCOB russ032
Yevoypco.her Yevoyakha-River SU PCOB russ033
Shchuchp.her Shchuchye-River SU PCOB russ034
Khadytla.her Khadyta-River SU LASI russ035
Pinegaps.her Pinega SU PISY russ036
Kheypcna.her Kheygiyakha river SU PCOB russ037
Kotuypco.her Kotuy-River SU PCOB russ038
Pinegapa.her Pinega SU PCAB russ039
Nonbupco.her Nonburg SU PCOB russ040
Nonbupsy.her Nonburg SU PISY russ041
Shchpcob.her Shchely Bozh SU PCOB russ042
Voropctr.her Voroney SU PCAB russ043
Vorolatr.her Voroney SU LASI russ044
Voropitr.her Voroney SU PISY russ045
Shchpi.her Shchely Bozh SU PISY russ046
Kedvpcno.her Kedvaran SU PCOB russ047
Olenjola.her Olenjok SU LAGM russ048
Verhpcab.her Verhnaja Toima SU PCAB russ049
Zhiganpi.her Zhigansk SU PISY russ050
Verhpita.her Verhnaja Toima SU PISY russ051
Verhpiku.her Verhnaja Toima SU PISY russ052
Zhashist.her Zhaschiviersk SU LASI russ053
Momalada.her Moma River SU LADA russ054
Khotugpi.her Khotugn-Uladan-Tukulan SU PISY russ055
Charpcno.her Charijaga SU PCOB russ056
Khanpcob.her Khandiga-River SU PCOB russ057
Charpisy.her Charijaga SU PISY russ058
Uelsikla.her Uel-Siktjach river SU LADA russ059
Leshpcob.her Leshukonskoe SU PCOB russ060
Kedvlano.her Kedvaran SU LASI russ061
Kedvpino.her Kedvaran SU PISY russ062
Ayandyla.her Ayandina-River SU LADA russ063
Shchla.her Shchely Bozh SU LASI russ064
Kuonlatr.her Kuonamka-River (trocken) SU LAGM russ065
Khandila.her Khandiga-River SU LADA russ066
Mangazpc.her Mangazeja (hist. + rez.) SU PCOB russ067
Mangazla.her Mangazeja (historisch) SU LASI russ068
Kuonlafe.her Kuonamka river (feucht) SU LAGM russ069
Seimchla.her Seimchan-river SU LADA russ070
Sidoropc.her Sidorovsk SU PCOB russ071
Nyuchppc.her Nyuchpas SU PCAB russ072
Zolopitr.her Zolotica SU PISY russ073
Nyuchpps.her Nyuchpas SU PISY russ074
Nyuchpla.her Nyuchpas SU LASI russ075
Popigala.her Popigay SU LAGM russ076
Aryongla.her Ary-Ongorbynf-River SU LAGM russ077
Malayala.her Kheta-River SU LASI russ078
Malayjun.her Kheta-River (junge Bäume SU LASI russ079
Novojala.her Novoja Rieka SU LAGM russ080
Valapisy.her Valaam SU PISY russ081
Yevoylas.her Yevoyakha river SU LASI russ082
Sukkpisy.her Sukkozero SU PISY russ083
Kheylana.her Kheygiyakha-River SU LASI russ084
Tschucpc.her Tschuchonoi-river SU PCOB russ085
Tschucla.her Tschuchonoi-river SU LADA russ086
Alageala.her Alagea-river SU LADA russ087
Balanula.her Balshoia Anui SU LADA russ088
Bulunlad.her Bulun river SU LADA russ089
Ustnerla.her Ust Nera SU LADA russ090
Rossocla.her Rossocha river SU LADA russ091
Khadula.her Khadutte river SU LASI russ092
Murmpisy.her Murmashi SU PISY russ093
Ayaklila.her Ayakli river SU LAGM russ094
Ukyupcob.her Ukyu SU PCOB russ095
Murmpcab.her Murmashi SU PCAB russ096
Polupcob.her Polui River Head SU PCOB russ097
Pinegala.her Pinega,Belomop-kuloi pla SU LASI russ098
Denepisy.her Denezkin Kamen Mt. SU PISY russ099
Polupisy.her Polui River Head SU PISY russ100
Nadilasi.her Nadim-River SU LASI russ101
Kolymsla.her Srednie-Kolymsk SU LADA russ102
Sartanla.her Sartan river SU LADA russ103
Visherpo.her Krasnovishersk SU PCOB russ104
Bryungla.her Bryungjade river SU LADA russ105
Batagala.her Batagay,Chandon-river SU LADA russ106
Cherskla.her Cherskij SU LADA russ107
Baraylad.her Baraii river SU LADA russ108
Baraypco.her Baraii river SU PCOB russ109
Verchola.her Verchoyansk,Cakker river SU LADA russ110
Shagucla.her Shaguchan river SU LADA russ111
Yakutsla.her Yakutsk-Biol.Station SU LASI russ112
Tirekhla.her Tirekhtjakh river SU LADA russ113
Omoloyla.her Omoloya river SU LADA russ114
Lindlasi.her Lindulowo SU LASI russ115
Visherps.her Krasnovishersk SU PISY russ116
Visherls.her Krasnovishersk SU LASI russ117
Irempisy.her Iremel mountain SU PISY russ118
Nonblasi.her Nonburg SU LASI russ119
Molepcob.her Molebny Kamen Ridge SU PCOB russ120
Kostpisy.her Kostomuksha SU PISY russ121
Malchola.her Malchoyakha river SU LASI russ122
Kozhlasi.her Kozhim SU LASI russ123
Kamenkla.her Balschaya Kamenka river SU LAGM russ124
Alakpisy.her Alakurtti SU PISY russ125
Bilibila.her Bilibina,Mali Anuj river SU LADA russ126
Kohilasi.her Ust Koksa Hill (Altai) SU LASI russ127
Nulegela.her Nuleger river SU LADA russ128
Cemilasi.her Ceminsky pass (Altai) SU LASI russ129
Jabelasi.her Jablonsky P. east (Altai SU LASI russ130
Tyhipisy.her Tyn hill (Altai) SU PISY russ131
Andryula.her Andryuschkine SU LADA russ132
Ugbolasi.her Ust Ulagan Bog (Altai) SU LASI russ133
Majakila.her Majakit river/village SU LADA russ134
Aktalasi.her Aktasch Valley (Altai) SU LASI russ135
Jabwlasi.her Jablonsky P. west (Altai SU LASI russ136
Uglalasi.her Ust Ulagan Lake (Altai) SU LASI russ137
Julinola.her Julietta north SU LADA russ138
Kovapcob.her Ust Koksa valley (Altai) SU PCOB russ139
Kirilasi.her Kirisky Pass (Altai) SU LASI russ140
Kuba4lag.her Kubaka upper near timber SU LAGM russ141
Tschokla.her Tschokurdach, Ochotingna SU LADA russ142
Kuba2lag.her Kubaka right bank middle SU LAGM russ143
Julisola.her Julietta south SU LADA russ144
Adychala.her Adycha river (slope) SU LADA russ145
Adybogla.her Adycha river (bog) SU LADA russ146
Balyebla.her Balygichan Ebene SU LADA russ147
Balyrila.her Balygichan-river SU LADA russ148
Takhojla.her Takhojama SU LADA russ149
Sarekupc.her Sarekungey (Kirgistan) SU PCSH russ150
Sarejupc.her Sarekungey (Kirgistan),j SU PCSH russ151
Jmekpcsh.her Sarejmek (Kirgistan) SU PCSH russ152
Jamapcob.her Jama river SU PCOB russ153
Jamalada.her Jama river SU LADA russ154
Vangpisy.her Under vangapur river SU PISY russ155
Karapcsh.her Karabatkak (Kirgistan) SU PCSH russ156
Tasi_pi.her Taksimo dry SU PISY russ157
Tasijupi.her Taksimo dry, junge Bäume SU PISY russ158
Vanglasi.her Under vangapur river SU LASI russ159
Kotujupc.her Kotuy-River SU PCOB russ160
Zwanjupc.her Olenok-River SU PCOB russ161
Ayakjula.her Ayakli river SU LAGM russ162
Aryojula.her Ary-Ongorbynf-River SU LAGM russ163
Kysipcsh.her Tschongkys (Kirgistan) SU PCSH russ164
Kotujula.her Kotuykan-River SU LAGM russ165
Popijula.her Popigay SU LAGM russ166
Sarupisy.her Sarma SU PISY russ167
Sarujupi.her Sarma, junge Bäume SU PISY russ168
Kodapcob.her Kodarpass (Baikal) SU PCOB russ169
Sevepisy.her Severobaikalsk, trocken SU PISY russ170
Sevejupi.her Severobaikalsk, junge B. SU PISY russ171
Tschidus.her Tschita, Dünen Süd SU PISY russ172
Tschjdus.her Tschita,Dünen S. junge B SU PISY russ173
Whitpcob.her White-River, P.Tung. SU PCOB russ174
Nirupcob.her Nirukda, P.Tung. SU PCOB russ175
Polurula.hbr Polar Urals,upper timber SU LASI russ176
Nojapcob.her Nojabrsk west SU PCOB russ177
Markovla.hbr Markovo SU LAGM russ178
Markojla.her Markovo, junge Bäume SU LAGM russ179
Muzylasi.her Muzhy-Settlement SU LASI russ180
Ordes.her Turbon, Ordessa E PIMU spai001
Nava.her Puerto da Navacerrada E PISY spai002
Rabas.her Bosque de Rabassa AND PIMU spai003
Jaca.her Las Blancas, Jaca E PIMU spai004
Alca.her Alcala de Selva E PIMU spai005
Quint.her El Quintar E PISY spai006
Ron_ta.her Torrecilla, Ronda E ABPN spai007
Calve.her Calvero, S.d.Gredos E PISY spai057
Nyte.her Nyteboda S PCAB swed010
Glomme.her Gallejour, Glommerstärk S PCAB swed011
Myckel.her Middagsberg.Myckelgensjö S PCAB swed012
Duvber.her Duvberg S PCAB swed013
Vemdal.her Vemdalskalet S PCAB swed014
Tothum.her Tothumeln S PCAB swed015
Fjaell.her Fjäll,Glaskogen Naturres S PISY swed016
Arjepl.her Arjeplog S PCAB swed017
Tornpisy.hbr Torneträsk r+f., Bartoli S PISY swed019
Torn_rez.hbr Torneträsk rez., Bartoli S PISY swed020
Torn_fos.hbr Torneträsk fos., Bartoli S PISY swed021
Gotland.hbr Gotland S PISY swed022
Jaemtua.hbr Jämtland, historisch S PISY swed023
Grwald.hbr Grindelwald BE CH PCAB swit102
Rigi_s.hbr Rigi Staffel SZ CH PCAB swit103
Rigi_k.hbr Rigi Klösterli SZ CH PCAB swit104
Chas-n.hbr Chasseral NE (Nord) CH PCAB swit105
Chas-s.hbr Chasseral NE (Süd) CH PCAB swit106
Aros-n.hbr Arosa GR Rot Tritt (Nord CH PCAB swit107
Aros-s.hbr Arosa GR Arlenwald (Süd) CH PCAB swit108
Ale-ar.hbr Riederalp VS Aletschwald CH PICE swit109
Ale-fi.hbr Riederalp VS Aletschwald CH PCAB swit110
Bruech.her Lauenen BE Brüchli CH PCAB swit112
Znd_tg.her Susten Zänd, Tanne gesun CH ABAL swit113
Znd_fi.her Susten Zänd, Fichte CH PCAB swit114
Znd_tk.her Susten Zänd, Tanne abst. CH ABAL swit115
Bws_tg.her Bannwald Süd Tanne gesun CH ABAL swit116
Bws_fi.her Bannwald Süd Fichte CH PCAB swit117
Bws_tk.her Bannwald Süd Tanne abst. CH ABAL swit118
Bwn_ta.her Bannwald Nord CH ABAL swit119
Bwn_fi.her Bannwald Nord CH PCAB swit120
Mhw_ta.her Mittleri Hellelawald CH ABAL swit121
Mhw_fi.her Mittleri Hellelawald CH PCAB swit122
Bbw_ta.her Bürchen Bielwald CH ABAL swit123
Bbw_fi.her Bürchen Bielwald CH PCAB swit124
Stw_ta.her Tatz Stockwald CH ABAL swit125
Stw_fi.her Tatz Stockwald CH PCAB swit126
Jolt.her Jolimont JU CH PISY swit128
Balt.her Balmberg SO, trocken CH PISY swit129
Pav.her Pierre Avoi VS CH PCAB swit130
Bis.her Bisse de Saxon VS CH PCAB swit131
Abp.her Les Arbepins VS CH PISY swit132
Cr.her Crete VS CH PCAB swit133
Bo.her Boutieu VS CH PISY swit134
Creu.her Creux du Dailley, mittel CH PCAB swit135
Ctb.her Chable d.trois besses VS CH PCAB swit136
Ep.her Eponde VS CH PISY swit137
Binna1.hbr Riederalp VS Binna CH PCAB swit138
Binna2.hbr Riederalp VS Binna CH LADE swit139
Ale-la.hbr Riederalp VS Aletschwald CH LADE swit140
Rog_tk.her Roggwil BE Tanne absterb CH ABAL swit141
Rog_tg.her Roggwil BE Tanne gesund CH ABAL swit142
Rog_fi.her Roggwil BE Fi Vergl.Prob CH PCAB swit143
Mad_tg.her Madiswil BE, Tanne gesun CH ABAL swit144
M_fi.her Madiswil BE, Fichte CH PCAB swit145
M-gen.her Monte Generoso TI CH PCAB swit146
Rue_tk.her Rüti b.Büren BE, Ta.abst CH ABAL swit147
Rue_tg.her Rüti b.Büren BE,Ta.gesun CH ABAL swit148
Rue_fi.her Rüti b.Büren BE,Vergl.Pr CH PCAB swit149
Wyw_tk.her Wylewald BE, Tanne abst. CH ABAL swit150
Wyw_tg.her Wylewald BE, Tanne gesun CH ABAL swit151
Wyw_fi.her Wylewald BE, Fi.Vergl.Pr CH PCAB swit152
Pie_tk.her Pieterlen BE, Tanne abst CH ABAL swit153
Pie_fi.her Pieterlen BE,Fi.Vergl.Pr CH PCAB swit154
Liw_tk.her Lindenwald BE,Tanne abst CH ABAL swit155
Liw_tg.her Lindenwald BE, Ta.gesund CH ABAL swit156
Liw_fi.her Lindenwald BE,Fi.Vergl.P CH PCAB swit157
Ilw_tk.her Illiswil BE, Tanne abst. CH ABAL swit158
Tor.her Torrent des Croix VS CH PISY swit159
Dai.her Creux du Dailley VS (tr. CH PISY swit160
Pre.her Prés des Champs VS CH PCAB swit161
Tow_tg.her Toppwald BE, Tanne gesun CH ABAL swit162
Tow_fi.her Toppwald BE, Fi.Vergl.Pr CH PCAB swit163
Berf.her Berlincourt JU CH ABAL swit164
Balf.her Balmberg SO, feucht CH PCAB swit165
Gyrspcab.her Simmental,St.Stephan,Gyr CH PCAB swit166
Iffipimu.her Simmental, Iffigenalp CH PIMU swit167
Iffilade.her Simmental, Iffigenalp CH LADE swit168
Iffipcab.her Simmental, Iffigenalp CH PCAB swit169
Crete-ne.her Crete de la Neige, GE CH PIMU swit170
Suaiza.her Suaiza, TI CH PCAB swit171
Beatenb.her Beatenberg, BE CH PISY swit172
Obersax.her Obersaxen, Meierhof, GR CH PCAB swit173
Griwanpc.her Grindelwald Nord (N3) CH PCAB swit174
Griwaspc.her Grindelwald Süd (S3) CH PCAB swit175
Loetpcab.her Lötschental oWG-SCH, CH CH PCAB swit176
Lauen_r.her Lauenen + div. Stao CH CH PCAB swit177
Kraupisy.her Krauchthal BE CH PISY swit178
Elec.her Electric Lake USA PCEN ut510
Ceader.her Ceader Breaks USA PCEN ut511
Alta.her Hidden Peak, Wasatch Mtn USA PCEN ut512
Helens.her Mt.St.Helens USA ABAM wa081
Hurri.her Hurricane Ridge USA ABAM wa082
Sher.her Sherman Cr. Pass USA LAOC wa083
Angel.her Mt. Angeles USA PSME wa084
Powder.her Powder River Pass USA PCEN wy021
Medi.her Medicine Bow Peak USA PCEN wy022
Sylvan.her Sylvan Pass bei Cody USA PCEN wy023
Hunt.her Granite Pass, Hunt Mtn. USA PCEN wy024
Togwat.her Togwatee Pass USA PCEN wy025
Vrsic.her Vrsic, Krajanska Gora YU PCAB yugo001
Senj.her Rajinac, Senj YU PCAB yugo002
Vlasic.her Vlasic YU PCAB yugo003
Jahor.her Jahorina YU PCAB yugo004
Cakor.hbr Cakor Pass YU PCOM yugo005
Pelist.her Pelister Nat.Park YU PIPE yugo006