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The Paleoclimate Discussion List

The Paleoclimate list-server is designed to provide a forum for Internet discussions and announcements among Paleoclimatologists throughout the world. The list is primarily for use by paleoclimatic researchers and scientists to discuss paleoclimate-related research. Of primary emphasis are periods of the recent past where data from the paleoclimatic record are of particular value to the modern climate community. Thus the time periods of primary emphasis are Quaternary, especially the Holocene, although discussions of earlier periods are not discouraged.

Appropriate subjects for discussion might include:

  • new proxy and historical data availability;
  • national and international meetings and symposia;
  • national and international programs and program news;
  • funding opportunities;
  • employment opportunities;
  • new paleoclimate-related publications;
  • announcements of paleoclimatology or related courses;
  • paleoclimate research initiatives;
  • controversial topics in paleoclimatology;
  • recent reports on paleoclimate research;
  • paleo in the news

We're really excited about the popularity of this list and welcome your participation and ideas on how to "cross-pollinate" between the many disciplines and backgrounds in the paleo world.

We invite you to join the discussions. Please click here for details.

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