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Invitation to Join the Paleoclimate Discussion List

You are cordially invited to join the Paleoclimate list-server, which is designed to provide a forum for Internet discussions and announcements among paleoclimatologists throughout the world. The list is primarily for use by paleoclimatic researchers and scientists to discuss paleoclimate-related research. Of primary emphasis are periods of the recent past where data from the paleoclimatic record are of particular value to the modern climate community. Thus the time periods of primary emphasis are Quaternary, especially the Holocene, although discussions of earlier periods are not discouraged.

Appropriate subjects for discussion might include:

We're really excited about the popularity of this list and welcome your participation and ideas on how to "cross-pollinate" between the many disciplines and backgrounds in the paleo world.

This is a moderated list and is also available as a weekly digest. We encourage vigorous discussions and controversial topics as well as respectful "netiquette".

To Subscribe to the Paleoclimate-List

To subscribe, please send an e-mail message to, with the following message (only!) in the body (the Subject may be left blank):

subscribe paleoclimate-list <your-full-name>


subscribe paleoclimate-list Albert Einstein

We also offer a weekly digest version which you can sign up for immediately by sending the following message:

subscribe paleoclimate-list <your-full-name>

set paleoclimate-list mail digest

To UnSubscribe from the List

To unsubscribe from the list, send an e-mail to, with the following message (only!) in the body:

unsubscribe paleoclimate-list

If you are unable to subscribe or unsubscribe after trying these alternatives, send a message to the Paleoclimate List administrator at

Weekly Digest Available

If you would rather receive all posts to Paleoclimate-List gathered throughout each week into one message, you may subscribe to Paleoclimate-List-digest by first subscribing and then setting the digest mode option. Do so by sending the following command in the body of a message to

subscribe paleoclimate-list <your-name>

set paleoclimate-list mail digest

If you have already subscribed, simply send the "set paleoclimate-list mail digest" command to

To Post a Comment or Announcement

To post a message to the list, simply address your comments or announcements to The message will be circulated to all members of Paleoclimate-List. The members may respond to you directly, or post their comments to the list for all to read. You may of course wish to respond to a Paleoclimate-List message by sending a message directly to the author of the message. To ensure that your message can be read by all mail readers and to avoid any potential security problems, please DO NOT post messages with embedded HTML commands or attached documents.


To see a list of the functions and services available from the list-server, send an e-mail message to, with the following message (only!) in the body:



1. When responding to a posting to the list, do not respond *back* to the entire list unless you feel it is an answer everyone can benefit from. This is frequently the case, but responses such as, "Yeah, tell me, too!" to the entire list will make you unpopular in a hurry. Double-check your "To:" line before sending.

2. Do not "flame" (i.e., scold) colleagues via the Paleoclimate-List. If you feel compelled to chastise someone, please send them mail directly, not to the whole list.

3. Please conduct as much preliminary research into a topic as possible before posting a query to the list. (In other words, you shouldn't expect others to do your research for you.) Please consider: your librarian and the Paleoclimatology Program (and other) websites. But please do avail yourself of the list when you've exhausted other sources.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To keep from getting irate responses from your colleagues, it is suggested that you relate your previous efforts to find information that were unsuccessful when you post a request.

4. Please carefully consider the purpose of the Paleoclimate-List before posting a message. This is a forum comprised primarily of researchers who devote major portions of their work time to the study of paleoclimatology or climate-related issues.

5. Succinct postings are greatly appreciated by all.

6. Postings should refrain from lobbying or promoting particular political policies or agendas. (Federal funding support for this list precludes its use for lobbying).


If you have any problems concerning the list, please feel free to drop a line to:

We hope you enjoy the list!