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Historical Climate Data Catalogue

The purpose of the Historical Climate Data Catalogue is to serve as a directory that lists U.S. historical climate data not contained in the National Archives collections, including early instrumental records and detailed descriptive accounts prior to the advent of modern meteorological networks in 1892. Historical data are important to climatic studies because they bridge the gap between modern instrumental climate data and paleoclimatic proxy data, and furnish information about extreme climate events typically not recorded in paleoclimatic proxies.

Collecting, interpreting and making available these important data are difficult and time consuming tasks. The National Climatic Data Center's Climate Database Modernization Project (CDMP) has begun to make data available by digitizing data from the National Archives, but much additional data exist outside of the National Archives collections. A first step in obtaining and making these data available is to survey and systematically catalogue these historical climate data records to provide information about their existence and availability to the climate research community. Our goal with the Historical Climate Data Catalogue is to generate such a resource.

The Historical Climate Data Catalogue has been funded by the Environmental Services Data and Information Management (ESDIM) program. Dr Cary Mock (University of South Carolina) is a co-principal investigator on the project. The project also gratefully acknowledged the contributions and assistance from many climatologists, historians, and archivists across the U.S.

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Pike's Peak, CO Climate Station

Climate Station on Pike's Peak, CO, circa 1885 (NOAA Photo Library)

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