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Global Pollen Database

The Global Pollen Database currently includes data from Africa, the Americas, and northern Asia. This database continues to grow as new data are organized and made available by various regional data cooperatives such as the Indo-Pacific Pollen Database, the Latin American Pollen Database, and the North American Pollen Database. The voluntary coordinator of the Global Pollen Database is Dr. Eric Grimm.
Availability of Data
Data for individual sites are available in the following formats. Use our Search Engine to locate files for transfer to your computer.
The GPD Base Tables (last updated 20 March 2000) are available in Paradox 4.5 format. The size of this zip-file is approximately 8.3 Mbytes. For more information on these Paradox files, see the accompanying ReadMe file. See this How to... for guidance in retrieving and decompressing data or applications.
Current GPD Sites

Contact GPD: Eric Grimm 9 May 2001