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The Data

The goal of The Data is to offer a comprehensive look at the instrumental and paleoclimatic data that tells us how the Earth's temperature has changed over the past years to the millennia.

The Instrumental Record of Past Global Temperatures:

Data for the last 140 years about climate based on satellite temperature reconstructions and thermometer based records

Paleoclimatic Data for the Last 2000 Years

Due to many more paleoclimate records becoming available throughout the world, scientists have a more improved view of past changes in the Earth's temperature then we had ten years ago. This section focuses on three recent studies that have contributed to what we know about the 20th century in the context of the last 1000-2000 years

Paleoclimatic Data Before 2000 Years Ago

This section looks further back into Earth's history to see if previous periods of global warmth can provide clues about 20th century warming

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