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Paleoclimatic Data Before 2000 Years Ago

The Earth has experienced other warm times in the past, including the Medieval Warm Period (approximately 800-1300 AD), the mid-Holocene (6,000 years ago), and the penultimate interglacial period (125,000 years ago). These warm periods are described in the sections below

Paleoclimate for times before 2,000 years ago are also useful because they reveal the full extent of natural climate variability. These older records show that climate has changed abruptly in the past, and also reveal a remarkable correspondence between carbon dioxide change and temperature change during the Earth glacial cycles, described in the sections below.
graph of different time periods
Temperature change for the past 150,000 years at the VOSTOK site in Antarctica, based on the deuterium proxy found in ice cores.

Other warm periods Temperature change and carbon dioxide change
Abrupt climate change

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