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Help On Search

  1. Search using any combination of the fields. Type text into the entry boxes, or choose one or more items from the lists.
  2. Site searches (Coral & Sclerosponge, Ice Core, Paleocean, Paleolimnology, Plant Macrofossil, Pollen, Tree-ring) return a list of sites. GCM searches return a list of output or boundary condition files.
  3. For Site Name(or Core Name) searches: do not enter wildcards; case is ignored.
  4. For Calendar Year searches (e.g. Coral, Tree-ring) use negative values for years B.C. (e.g. -200 = 200 B.C.). For Calendar or Radiocarbon Year B.P. searches (e.g. Ice Core, Paleocean, Paleolimnology, Plant Macrofossils, Pollen) use negative values for years after 1950 (e.g. -40 = 1990).
  5. List Box Mouse Actions:
    Click to Select
    Ctrl-Click (or Cmd-Click) to Select/Deselect
    Shift-Click (or Click-Drag) to Multiple Select
  6. Use Reset Form to restore the initial or default state of the form. This can be particularly important thing to do, because selections from a previous query might influence the outcome of a new query in deceiving ways. When a query unexpectedly returns no results, you may want to Reset Form and rerun the query to verify that there truly are no matches.
  7. Click on the matched site name or GCM file name to initiate an FTP transfer to your PC.
  8. Examples:
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