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How To Find Data...

All of the data reside in ASCII files that can be read by your browser, spreadsheet, or other software, organized by proxy in directories that can be accessed via the World Wide Web. Links to the data files can be found on the proxy pages, and can also be found by browsing the directory structure. We offer three different ways to search for data. Data can be found via text search, maps, and List. For climate model data, in addition to the text search, a map interface exists to view the gridded model data. Most (but not all) of our data can be found via the map and text search, therefore inspection of the directory contents, or an email query to are useful ways to augment your search for the data you need. The maps and searches return links to data files that match your query, and provide the logical starting place to find most data. The climate reconstructions page provides a summary of data sets that contain reconstructions of climate variables.

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