A Note on Figure 7 of MBH98

The results for Figure 7 of MBH98, through an oversight, were based on the penultimate set of temperature reconstructions, and not repeated with the NH series resulting from the final set of pattern reconstructions used elsewhere in the manuscript (and shown in Figure 6).

A correction pointing out this small oversight, and showing that none of the important conclusions of the study are in any way affected, was submitted to Nature, but ultimately deemed unnecessary for publication owing to the minimal practical impact on the results of the study. For comparison to the results shown above, we show a version of Figure 7 from MBH98 comparing the two NH series in the first panel.

Same attribution analysis shown above, but based on the outdated NH series used in the attribution analysis of MBH (ie, Figure 7 of MBH98). In the first panel, we show the most up-to-date NH reconstruction (green) along with the slightly outdated version of the NH series (black) that was used in Figure 7 of MBH98. The reader will note that the two series are quite similar, and none of the principal conclusions of the attribution analysis are altered.

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