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World Data Center for Paleoclimatology - Data Sets Listing

Borehole Data Climate Forcing Corals Faunal Data
Historical Ice Cores Insect Data Lake Level Data
Loess Paleoclimate Modeling Paleolimnology Paleoceanography
Plant Macrofossils Pollen Phytolith Radiocarbon
Reconstructions Speleothem Tree Ring Other Paleo Data

Borehole Data

Borehole Temperature Measurements Interpreted as a History of Climate Change
University of Michigan's Global Database of Borehole Temperatures and Climate Reconstructions

Climate Forcing Data Sets

Data on Factors Potentially Affecting Climate
Orbital Variations Calculations
Solar Variability
Volcanic Aerosols
Tropospheric Aerosols
Atmospheric Trace Gases
Forcing and Model Results for the Past 1000 Years, Crowley 2000.
Hypothesized Climate Forcing Time Series for the Last 500 Years, Robertson et al. 2001.
Volcanic Eruptions and Aerosol Optical Depth, 40,000 Years, Bryson 1988.
Volcanic and Solar Forcing of the Tropical Pacific, 1,000 Years, Mann et al. 2005

Coral Data

Stable Isotope and Trace Metal Data as Proxies of Upper Ocean Environment
Full site list sorted by Ocean Basin

Faunal Data

Fossilized Animal Remains as a Proxy for Paleoenvironment
The Sahara in the Holocene

Historical Documentary Data

Records of Harvest Dates, Waterway Freeze Dates, etc as a Paleoclimate Proxy
Full site list

Ice Core Data

Proxy Paleoclimate Indicators include Stable Isotopes, Gas Concentrations, and Dust Content.
Full site list sorted by site location

Insect Data

Fossil Insect Data as a Proxy for Paleoenvironment
British Coleoptera
British Columbia Chironomid Data
North American Beetles
Alaska Fossil Faunal Data

Lake Level Databases

Geomorphic Reconstructions of Past Lake Levels as an Indicator of Precipitation/Evaporation
Caspian and Aral Seas: Data and Description
Europe: Data and Description
Former Soviet Union and Mongolia: Data and Description
Oxford Global Lake Level Database: Data and Description
Viau and Gajewski 2001 Global Lake Level Status Grids : Data and Description
Owens Lake California Lake Level History and Description Benson et al. 1996
Peace-Athabasca Lake Levels and Description Stockton and Fritts 1973.

Loess Data

Windblown Glacial Dust Deposits as a Proxy for Paleoenvironment
DIRTMAP Global Eolian Flux Database, Last Glacial Maximum, Late Holocene, and Modern:
Version 2 all data, or individual version 2 tables by source type.
Also available are the version 1 database tables.
Ding et al. Lingtai, China Loess Data and Description.
Kohfeld et al. Mid-continent USA Peoria Loess Thickness Data.
Ice Core Tropospheric Aerosol Data.

Paleoclimate Modeling Output

Computer Models of the Climate System used to Analyze and Predict Climate Change and Variability
Climate Model Data and Visualization Page
Search Engine for Model Output
Search Engine for Boundary Conditions


Fire history derived from paleoenvironmental proxy data
International Multiproxy Paleofire Database (IMPD) project

Paleolimnology Data

Lake Sediment Data Including Stable Isotopes and Microfauna as a Proxy for Paleoenvironment
Full site list sorted by site location

Paleoceanography Data

Ocean Sediment Chemistry and Fossil Plankton Data as a Proxy for Paleoenvironment
Relative Sea Level Database
Calcium Carbonate Concentration Database
Planktonic Foraminifera Counts Data, Brown University
Planktonic Foraminifera Counts Data, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Planktonic Foraminifera Counts Data, P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology
Paleoceanographic Data Sets by Contributor
Featured Paleoceanographic Data Sets:
deMenocal et al. 2000 Holocene subtropical Atlantic SST reconstruction.
Haug et al. 2001 Cariaco Basin trace metal data and Holocene ITCZ migration.
Oppo et al. 2003 Holocene NADW variability and benthic foraminifera isotope data.
Peterson et al. 2000 Tropical Atlantic glacial hydrologic cycle changes and trace element data.
Schulz et al. 1998 Arabian Sea stable isotope and TOC data and North Atlantic teleconnections.

Plant Macrofossil Data

Visible Plant Fragments such as Cones, Twigs, and Seeds as a Proxy for Paleoenvironment
North American Plant Macrofossil Database
New England Lakes Plant Macrofossil Data

Pollen Data

Fossil Pollen Grains Interpreted as an Indicator of Past Plant Communities and Paleoclimate
Global Pollen Database

Phytolith Data

Opal-Silica Fossilized Plant Materials
Mercader African Phytolith Data

Radiocarbon Data

Radiocarbon Decay Data as a Dating Tool for Organic Deposits
Great Lakes Region Radiocarbon Data
Sahara Region Radiocarbon Data
Hughen et al. 2000 Cariaco Basin Radiocarbon Calibration
Hughen et al. 2004 Cariaco Basin 50KYr. Radiocarbon Calibration

Reconstructed Climate Parameters

Various Paleoenvironmental Proxy Data Interpreted in Paleoenvironmental Terms

Full list sorted by reconstructed variable and location

Speleothem (Cave Deposit) Data

Layered Cave Deposits contain Paleoenvironmental Proxy Data
Full site list sorted by location

Treering Data

Tree Ring Width and Density Data Record Tree Growth Rates as a Proxy for Paleoenvironment
The International Tree Ring Data Bank

Other Paleo Data

Barrows et al. 2001 Dating of Late Pleistocene Australian Mainland Glaciation
IAEA/WMO Network of Isotopes in Precipitation
Correlation of Geomagnetic Polarity Time Scales
Late Quaternary Ice Extent and Topography
Kaandorp et al. 2005 Peruvian Amazonia Miocene Freshwater Bivalve Data
Rousseau and Puisségur 1999 MIS 5 French Alps Land Snails Data
Schwartz and Reiter North American Lilac Phenology Data
Paleoenvironmental ARCtic Sciences (PARCS)
Circumpolar Arctic PaleoEnvironments (CAPE)
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