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    Climate TimeLine Tutorial
See Confronting Climate Confusion Article in NOAA Magazine

Developed as an information resource covering the fundamentals of climate change over varying times scales, the Climate Timeline Information Tool uses a "powers of ten" exponential or logarithmic approach to looking at different time scales. While the focus is on past climate change, one of the goals of the site is to provide a context and background for framing current and future climate change.

Designed in the format of an informational database, each time scale has an overview, a section on Climate Science that looks at scientific processes at that scale, a section on Climate History focused on the human dimension of climate change, and Resources where users can learn of additional information and areas of inquiry.

For those who are unfamiliar with the basics of climate change, there is an Overview of Climate Processes which offers background on Earth's climate system. Another good place to begin is with About Climate Timeline, and What is Variability? pages.

The heart of the Climate Timeline is the Data Access page which provides links to databases from a variety of NOAA and other U.S. government agencies with climate-related data and information. This data can be used in a variety of ways including individual research projects or group learning activities. See our tutorial on using the Climate Timeline to research drought for ideas on how the tool can be used for thematic inquiries.

Specific lesson plans for each time scale are forthcoming.

The "Search" function found in the left navigation bar of the Climate Timeline is invaluable in locating specific information within the site. Users may want to take the Climate Timeline Quiz to test their "pre" and "post" knowledge of climate change, improving their initial test scores by going on a treasure hunt for the answers to the questions throughout the website. You will need to contact us for the password.


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