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Climate Time Line Evaluation Resources
The Evaluation of the Climate Time Line Information Tool proto-type is now available in HTML or PDF format.

To determine the effectiveness of CTL, a team of evaluators has used a variety of instruments and techniques to assess whether the CTL web site is an effective vehicle to convey information about the scientific processes behind climate variability over different timescales, and whether it effectively communicates the relationship between climatic variability and human civilization. For the general evaluation a scope of work (in pdf format) was developed to assist in guiding the evaluators, Elizabeth Grassi and Heather Smith from the University of Colorado.

In addition, instructional designer Lucie Sommer conducted an evaluation of the CTL proto-type from the perspective of how it succeeds in meeting current research on effective instructinal design. Her evaluation includes suggestions on how the existing website can be improved to better serve educators.

In order to conduct formal evaluation of human subjects, protocols and instruments were developed that were reviewed and authorized by the University of Colorado's Human Research Committee (HRC). In addition, informed consent forms were signed by students and, for minors, parental consent forms were required of all subjects involved in the evaluation. An online consent form was used by undergraduate students taking the online quiz.

Evaluation- Final Report

Entire Evaluation Report available in PDF format

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