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Great Barrier Reef Coral and Sclerosponge Data

Calvo et al. Flinders Reef Coral Sr/Ca and Oxygen Isotope Data.

Druffel and Griffin Abraham Reef Coral Isotope and Radiocarbon Data
Druffel and Griffin Heron Island Radiocarbon Data
Druffel and Griffin Lady Musgrave Island Radiocarbon Data

Hendy et al. 2003 Luminescence Master Chronology and Figure graphics:
Figure 2 (Burdekin River discharge record and luminescence patterns from Brook and Havannah Islands)
Figure 3 (cross-dating luminescent lines in cores from inshore reefs at Brook, Havannah and Pandora)
Figure 4 (Example of assignment of luminescence event years to a skeleton plot for Havannah Island).

Hendy et al. 2002 Isotope and Chemistry Data

Isdale et al. Burdekin River Annual Runoff Reconstruction based on
coral fluorescence data from Havannah Island and Pandora Reef.

Lough 2011 Queensland Rainfall Reconstructions, Text or Excel

Lough 2007 Queensland Riverflow and Precipitation Reconstructions

McCulloch et al. Burdekin River Sediment Flux Reconstruction with Havannah and Pandora Coral Ba/Ca.

Pelejero et al. Flinders Reef Coral Boron Isotope Data and pH Reconstruction.

Wei et al. Arlington Reef δ11B and pH Reconstruction, Text or Microsoft Excel

Wörheide Sclerosponge Isotope Data in Microsoft Excel or Text format, plus the Data Description.

Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) Great Barrier Reef Extension, Density, and Calcification Data
Updated AIMS 60-core network, De'ath et al. 2009. Replaces 35-core network, Lough and Barnes 2000.
Data for all 60 coral cores, Excel or Text format, or individual core data in text format, arranged North to South:
Data for Darnley Island 9.58S 143.77E
Data for Red Wallis Island 10.83S 142.17E
Data for Pascoe River 12.52S 143.27E
Data for Burkitt Island 13.95S 143.75E
Data for Jeannie River 14.67S 144.93E
Data for Conical Rocks 15.13S 145.32E
Data for Agincourt Reef 15.90S 145.82E
Data for Snapper Island 16.30S 145.45E
Data for Low Isles 01A 16.38S 145.57E
Data for Low Isles 01B 16.38S 145.57E
Data for Normanby 17.2S 146.07E
Data for Flinders Reef 01A 17.73S 148.43E
Data for Flinders Reef 02A 17.73S 148.43E
Data for Kurrimine Beach 17.78S 146.13E
Data for Dunk Island 17.95S 146.17E
Data for Coombe Island 18.03S 146.18E
Data for Otter Reef 18.05S 146.58E
Data for Brook Island 18.15S 146.28E
Data for Britomart Reef 01A 18.23S 146.73E
Data for Britomart Reef 01B 18.23S 146.73E
Data for Myrmidon 18.27S 146.38E
Data for Kelso 02A 18.42S 146.98E
Data for Kelso 02B 18.42S 146.98E
Data for Rib Reef 01A 18.48S 147.88E
Data for Rib Reef 02A 18.48S 147.88E
Data for Rib Reef 02B 18.48S 147.88E
Data for Rib Reef 03A 18.48S 147.88E
Data for Rib Reef 03B 18.48S 147.88E
Data for Yankee Reef 18.57S 147.50E
Data for Great Palm Island 01A 18.68S 146.58E
Data for Great Palm Island 02A 18.68S 146.58E
Data for Great Palm Island 02B 18.68S 146.58E
Data for Lodestone Reef 18.70S 147.10E
Data for Wheeler Reef 01A 18.80S 147.53E
Data for Wheeler Reef 02A 18.80S 147.53E
Data for Pandora Reef 04A 18.82S 146.43E
Data for Pandora Reef 04B 18.82S 146.43E
Data for Pandora Reef 07B 18.82S 146.43E
Data for Pandora Reef 09A 18.82S 146.43E
Data for Pandora Reef 10B 18.82S 146.43E
Data for Havannah Island 18.85S 146.55E
Data for Magnetic Island 19.15S 146.87E
Data for Stanley Reef 19.25S 148.12E
Data for Hook Island 20.07S 148.95E
Data for Stonehaven Island 20.10S 148.90E
Data for North Molle Island 20.23S 148.80E
Data for South Molle Island 20.27S 148.83E
Data for Cid Harbour Island 20.27S 148.93E
Data for Lupton Island 01A 20.28S 149.12E
Data for Lupton Island 01C 20.28S 149.12E
Data for Scawfell Island 20.88S 149.60E
Data for Sanctuary Reef 22.07S 152.67E
Data for Abraham Reef 01A 22.10S 152.50E
Data for Abraham Reef 01H 22.10S 152.50E
Data for Sweetlip Reef 01A 22.27S 152.75E
Data for Sweetlip Reef 01B 22.27S 152.75E
Data for Sweetlip Reef 02A 22.27S 152.75E
Data for Sweetlip Reef 03A 22.27S 152.75E
Data for Sweetlip Reef 03B 22.27S 152.75E
Data for Masthead Island 23.55S 151.73E

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