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Frequently Asked Questions from Data Contributors

When is the best time to submit my data to a World Data Center?

At the same time you submit the final or camera-ready copy to a journal. Most authors find that this is the time when the data are complete, and well-organized, making data submission fast and easy. Later, computer systems and software change, data gets lost, and small details get forgotten. The WDC can delay adding data to the archive until publication.

How do I direct people to my data at the WDC?

Direct readers to your data by stating in the Results section of your paper: Data are available from the World Data Center for Paleoclimatology, 325 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado;; email:

Will I receive a contribution number?

Yes. You will receive a data contribution number that refers to the data you submitted. This data set can be cited by you and others. Example of a citation:
   Rind, D., 1994, General Circulation Model Output Data Set.
   IGBP PAGES/World Data Center for Paleoclimatology Data Contribution Series # 94-012.
   NOAA/NCDC Paleoclimatology Program, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

What about a proprietary period for exclusive use?

Data should be contributed to the WDC after any proprietary use period, or following publication. The WDC will cooperate with researchers to temporarily delay archiving until publication.

What if I want to have my own archive or Web site?

The WDC is a permanent archive and therefore is the most reliable location for long term data preservation. Data should be archived with the WDC even if it is also available elsewhere. The WDC will be happy to link to any archive or website you have developed.

What about the ancillary project data that I never published?

Ancillary project data and descriptive information should also be submitted to the WDC, and we will incorporate that information into the data set documentation.

What are the Internationally-agreed up on policies for data sharing?

Free and open sharing of data is the goal of the WDC and major international scientific programs.
International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Data Policy
International Council of Scientific Unions Data Policy
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