CAPE (Circum-Arctic PaleoEnvironments), was established as an organization within IGBP-PAGES following a planning meeting held in Copenhagen in September, 1995. CAPE has as its central mandate to link international and national Arctic paleo-programs, and to provide a forum for regional syntheses and modeling. The primary emphasis of CAPE is to facilitate scientific integration of paleoenvironmental research on terrestrial environments and adjacent continental margins covering the last 250,000 years of Earth history, particularly those tasks that cannot be easily achieved by individual investigators or even regionally-focused research teams. The primary mechanism by which CAPE will perform its role is through a series of tightly focused workshops that address specific topics identified by the community as key to our understanding of the role of the Arctic in the climate system.

The first task identified for CAPE was to define the spatial and temporal patterns of environmental change in the Arctic during the Holocene. Thus, this page is still under construction. Comments are appreciated.

Thank you for your patience.

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