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BIOME 6000 Vegetation Reconstructions
The Global Palaeovegetation Mapping Project is a community-wide collaboration inaugurated in 1994 under the joint auspices of four of the elements of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program.
The aims of BIOME 6000 are to:
- create fully-documented pollen and plant macrofossil data sets for 6000 and 18,000 years before present (yr B.P.)
- construct global maps of biomes for these time periods, using a standard objective biomisation technique based on plant functional types (PFTs).

The WDC for Paleoclimatology archives some of the reconstructions resulting from BIOME 6000:
BIOME 6000 Data Release 1 in Microsoft Excel or ASCII text format, and the Data Description from the WDC Paleo archive.

Cheddadi et al. European 6K Climate Reconstruction and Description
Farrera et al. Last Glacial Maximum Tropical Terrestrial Data Synthesis:
Mean annual temperature difference
Maximum mean temperature of the coldest month difference
Mean mean temperature of the coldest month difference
Minimum mean temperature of the coldest month difference
Plant available moisture difference
Runoff difference
Mean temperature of the coldest month difference at modern sea level
Data Description
Guiot et al. European 6K Surface Conditions Reconstruction and Description
(image above left)
Hoelzmann et al. African 6K Surface Condition Reconstructions
and Description

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