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Applied Research Center


The Applied Research Center (ARC) for Data Set Development was established with funding from the NOAA Office of Global Programs to facilitate the transition of scientific research results to operational products. The ARC for Paleoclimatology is one of several ARCs, all of which have the overarching goal to produce high quality up-to-date data sets for use in answering the pressing climate and global change questions. In the case of paleoclimate data, the transition from research to operations means making published scientific data easily accessible, and documented in such a way that the data can be used to support the needs of a diverse audience.

The goal of the ARC for Paleoclimatology is to provide high quality paleoclimatic data products, particularly those data sets that serve a broad range of users and contain long-term value for a variety of national and international initiatives and assessments. ARC responsibilities include two broad activities. The first is the identification and enhancement of key paleoclimatic data records from published research. Enhancements may include synthesis of particular data sets and tools for display and analysis. The second is the application of ARC principles described in the link below to the entire set of paleoclimate data, where applicable. Principles include updating paleoclimatic data as revised datasets are received from researchers, continued evaluation of incoming data and assembly of important proxy records, continued assessment of user needs with regard to key paleoclimatic records, and development of quality control procedures.

Recent examples of ARC efforts include an effort to acquire and make available all published time series of long-term (1000 year) reconstructions of surface air temperature, including raw and reconstructed measurements. Another example is a recent project to assess the quality of the dating of the current holdings of the International Tree-Ring Data Bank. Results of the assessments are available online, along with an assessment guide. These assessments will now be performed on every incoming tree-ring data contribution as it is received. Through these and other efforts, NOAA hopes to make the data from this unique archive more useful in problem solving for a wide audience.


NOAA Applied Research Centers associated with NCDC

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