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African Pollen Database

The African Pollen Database is a network of all scientists involved in African palynology, with the objective to provide a tool, independent of particular research programmes, for the study of biodiversity and global change. The APD came into existence in 1996 following a series of organizational workshops and meetings that first began in 1994.
The APD home page is maintained at Médias-France. This website includes a site inventory, meeting reports, and newsletters, in addition to descriptions of the history of the APD and its administrative structure.
Availability of Data
Data for individual sites are available as zipped Tilia files. (Last updated 10 April 2000.)
The APD Base Tables (last updated 10 April 2000) are available in Paradox 4.5 format. The size of this self-extracting executable file is approximately 650 Kbytes. For more information on these Paradox files, see the accompanying ReadMe file. See this How to... for guidance in retrieving and decompressing data or applications.

Contact APD: Anne-Marie Lezine 10 April 2000