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The Data


Paleoclimate records expose a history of repeated abrupt climate changes in the past. One of the most remarkable aspects of this history is the diversity of past climate change. Events varied in their duration, rapidity, spatial extent, and climate impacts. This testifies to the many non-linear processes, thresholds, and interactions that exist in our complex climate system. The chapters below highlight some of the most important events that have been illustrated by paleoclimate records.

Abrupt Climate Change during glacial times

Glacial-interglacial cycles

Heinrich events and Dansgaard-Oeschger oscillations

The Younger Dryas

Image of icebergs in the North Atlantic

Abrupt Climate Change during the Holocene

Post-glacial cooling 8,200 years ago

End of the African Humid Period

Drought and the Akkadian Empire

Drought and the Classic Maya Collapse
Image of mud cracks

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