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Partnerships and Participants

NOAA's National Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS) project framework actively partners with existing activities.


The NOMADS framework is actively partnering with existing and development activities including the Comprehensive Large Array Stewardship System (CLASS), the National Oceanographic Partnership Program's (NOPP) National Virtual Ocean Data System (NVODS), the Department of Energy's Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF), and the Thematic Real-time Environmental Data Distributed Services (THREDDS) project being developed through the National Science Foundation and Unidata. To ensure that agency and institutional requirements are being met, the NOMADS collaborators have established Science and Technical Advisory Panels. These panels ensure that NOMADS recommends the necessary interoperability and archive requirements to NOAA.


Participants who implement the NOMADS framework accept responsibilities to provide dedicated support for dataset maintenance, documentation, software programming, and local web services and portals. Participants commit to support the NOMADS hardware and software and common data access methodologies that are integral parts of the program namely OPeDNAP. NOMADS is a community effort leveraging resources across the participants. It is recognized that the success of NOMADS is largely dependent on the willingness of its participants to contribute applications and software development and support.

In addition to the core participation of NOAA laboratories, centers and offices, other NOMADS participants include universities, federal agencies, and organizations who act according to participant guidelines. NOAA participants are servers of data and are partially responsible for the support of their own NOMADS resources.

Core Collaborators

Relevant Programs

Steering Group

The functions of the NOMADS Steering Group are to

  1. Provide vision and goals for the program
  2. Direct the course of work where applicable
  3. Provide input to the NOMADS Program Plan
  4. Develop an outreach plan
  5. Provide data availability recommendations
  6. Oversee the development of both a science plan and a technical plan
  7. Coordinate efforts of the Technical Team and the Science Team
  8. Generate support for OPeNDAP
  9. Secure funding
Steering Group
Name Organization Role
Glenn Rutledge NOAA NESDIS NCEI Principal Investigator (PI)
Ronald Souffer NOAA OAR GFDL Co-PI
Jordan Alpert NOAA NWS NCEP Co-PI
Stephen Hankin NOAA OAR PMEL Co-PI
Dean Williams DOE LLNL PCMDI Co-PI
Lawrence Buja NSF UCAR NCAR Co-PI

Steering Group Advisors

The Steering Group Advisors assist in the development and implementation of functions listed for the Steering Group.

Steering Group Advisors
Name Organization Role
Don Middleton NCAR ESGF/Data Portal
Brian Doty COLA Co-PI/NWP/Climate
Jeff Whitaker CDC Advisor/Climate
Jim Steenburg Unidata University Representative
Michael Fiorino LLNL Advisor/Evaluation/NWP
Chris MacDermaid FSL Advisor/Core NOAA Partner
Chris Hill MIT ESMF
Bryan Lawrence BADC UK/NERC Data Grid
Kerstin Kleese CLRC Europe e-science
Neville Smith BOM Advisor/Ocean
Eric Guilyardi University of Reading, UK University Representative
Menas Kafatos GMU University Representative
David Karoly University of Oklahoma Advisor/NWP

Science Team

The NOMADS Science Team directs the requirements process for on-line access and long-term stewardship and makes recommendations to the NOAA Archive Board. They help define climate and weather tools necessary for systematic approaches to climate model evaluation; and define and develop tools for quality control of various models and data. The Science Team is responsible for long-term science planning and associated formal workshops called by the Steering Group.

Science Team
Name Organization
David Easterling NCEI
Dick Reynolds NCEI
Jeff Whitaker CDC
Jim Steenburgh Unidata
Lawrence Buja NCAR
Michael Fiorino LLNL
Ronald Stouffer GFDL
Stephen Lord NCEP
William Gutowski Iowa State

Technical Team

In a partnership with the Science Team and Steering Group, the NOMADS Technical Team oversees the implementation of necessary systems and makes access configuration decisions. The Technical Team also leads the Web Portal effort for the development of a common user interface for use inside and outside NOMADS.

Technical Team
Name Organization
Chris Kerr GFDL
Danny Brinegar NCEI
Dean Williams LLNL
Donald Hooper CDC
Don Middleton NCAR
Ethan Davis Unidata
Jordan Alpert NCEP
Lola Olsen NASA
Ruixin Yang GMU
Stephen Hankin PMEL
Ted Smith NCDC

Other Collaborations with NOMADS