Supporting NOAA’s National Severe Weather Preparedness Week

According to NCDC scientists, 2011 was a record-breaking year for climate extremes, as much of the United States faced historic levels of heat, precipitation, flooding, drought, and severe weather. The spring brought a record-breaking tornado season to the United States. Over 1,150 tornadoes were confirmed during the March-to-May period. The 550 tornado-related fatalities during 2011 were the most in the 62-year period of record. The deadliest tornado outbreak on record (April 25–28th) and the deadliest single tornado (Joplin, Missouri) since modern tornado statistics began in 1950 contributed to this high fatality count.

As the nation marks the first anniversary of that historic tornado outbreak, NOAA is asking each person across the country to “Be a Force of Nature.” You can be a force of nature by taking appropriate actions before, during, and after extreme weather strikes by knowing your risk, having a plan, building a kit, and staying informed via a NOAA Weather Radio, television, the Internet, or other media source. Being a force of nature also means staying connected to family, friends, and neighbors and inspiring them to act. As part of NOAA’s campaign to “Build a Weather-Ready Nation,” this week is all about what you can do to take a stand against severe weather.

For more information on how you can participate this week and increase both your and your community’s preparedness check out