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Requesting Information to Strengthen Partnerships

Photo of NCDC collaborative workshop

Collaborative workshops, like the one pictured, here are just one way NCDC has been working to strengthen its public-private partnerships. With three new Requests for Information, NCDC aims to make its partnerships more successful and its products and services more valuable to a variety of public, private, and academic organizations.

NCDC has released three Requests for Information (RFIs) aimed at ensuring our non-Federal users receive the most relevant climate data and information. In recent years, NCDC has seen a dramatic rise in demand for climate data and information to support decision making across all U.S. sectors. This rise has increased the need to communicate with customers on the best ways to make NCDC’s data assets accessible and easily understood. The RFIs seek to gain insight into our users’ priorities today and discover opportunities for partnership and dialogue in the future. The requests complement NCDC’s efforts to strengthen public-private partnerships by asking users for input on three aspects of NCDC operations. The Federal Business Opportunities website is advertising each request as a Department of Commerce, NOAA “Special Notice,” and they will remain open for response until June 27.

The request for “Views on NCDC Data and Information Products” asks industry and other non-Federal organizations for input on the process to prioritize current and future NCDC products and services. In particular, NCDC hopes to receive responses to the product prioritization framework developed by the NESDIS Data Centers. This RFI supports the directive in The President's Climate Action Plan of 2013 to "[increase] the availability, accessibility, and utility of relevant scientific tools and information" and "develop the information and tools needed by decision-makers to respond to both long-term climate change impacts and near-term effects of weather." It also supports the President's May 2013 Executive Order on Open Data and the Administration's Climate Data Initiative. Visit Views on NCDC Data and Information Products to view the full RFI.

The request for “Expertise in NCDC Climate Data Products” asks for industry opinions on the value of building and maintaining a publicly available list of private, nonprofit, and academic entities with expertise in NCDC climate data assets. The list would help customers find non-Federal climate data experts who could assist with enhanced access and use of NCDC data. This RFI intends to promote innovation and private-sector entrepreneurship, and supports the Administration's Climate Data Initiative "to leverage extensive federal climate-relevant data to stimulate innovation and private-sector entrepreneurship..." Visit Expertise in NCDC Climate Data Products to view the full RFI.

The request for “Climate Data Partnerships” asks for input on opportunities to create and strengthen partnerships between public, private, and academic organizations to more fully leverage NCDC's climate data to meet societal needs. Partnership opportunities could include an enhanced or new public-private-academic collaboration, organization, or network. This RFI is consistent with NOAA's support for expanding stakeholder outreach and engagement supporting the White House's Climate Data Initiative. Visit Climate Data Partnerships to view the full RFI.

Visit fbo.gov for the full text of all three RFIs and other Department of Commerce and NOAA opportunities.