Product Highlight: Global Observing Systems Information Center

Global Observing Information Center Image

The Global Observing Systems Information Center (GOSIC), hosted at NCDC, offers convenient, central, one-stop access to international climate and weather data and information. GOSIC provides an information center that facilitates access to data, data products, metadata, and information for the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), and the Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS) and their partner programs, such as the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) and regional observing systems, such as the GOOS Regional Alliances.

GCOS focuses on satellite and ground-based observations for climate in the atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial domains. GOOS is a global system for observations, modeling, and analysis of marine and ocean variables that supports operational ocean services worldwide. GTOS is a program for observations, modeling, and analysis of terrestrial ecosystems that supports sustainable development. The GAW program of the World Meteorological Organization is a partnership involving 80 countries, which provides reliable scientific data and information on the chemical composition of the atmosphere, its natural and anthropogenic change, and helps to improve the understanding of interactions between the atmosphere, the oceans, and the biosphere.

The goal of the GOSIC Portal is to provide easy access to these data and information without users having to find it for themselves by navigating the several hundred complex and vastly different websites of the many organizations in the Global Observing Systems. Also, the GOSIC Portal explains the data systems and provides integrating overviews of the programs and online access to their data, information, and services.

Some features of the GOSIC Portal include

  • Data Access pages for all programs under the Global Observing Systems
  • Program Overview pages for all the programs under the Global Observing Systems
  • Information about the observing systems like the review of the scientific and technical basis for their design
  • Links to the Global Observing Systems websites to provide easy access to key documentation and features
  • Data search tools and flow diagrams
  • And many more!

Go check out the GOSIC Portal today!