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New Western Regional Climate Services Director

Image of Kevin Werner, Western Regional Climate Services Director

Kevin Werner, Western Regional Climate Services Director

Kevin Werner is joining the NCDC team as the new Western Regional Climate Services Director (RCSD). Located in Seattle, Washington, Kevin will support Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington by delivering user-inspired climate science and information services in his new role. Kevin is looking forward to working with NCDC and NOAA to enhance and improve the scope of services provided in the West.

Kevin joins five other RCSDs who nationally support the development and delivery of a wide range of place-based climate science and information products and services to help people make informed decisions. RCSDs regularly communicate with stakeholders about climate information needs, and help build and strengthen active partner networks with public and private constituents. They play a primary role in integrating the work within NOAA and among its partners engaged in developing and delivering climate services at the regional level.

Kevin is very interested in making science useful to decision makers, especially with regard to water and climate issues in the West. “Water is a foundational requirement for so many different aspects of our society and our environment,” says Kevin. “Science is, I believe, an underutilized tool for managing that precious resource, and I hope to help change that as the Western RCSD.” In particular, Kevin looks forward to continuing to work with water management groups, as well as land management and coastal resource management groups, to improve their resiliency to climate variability and extremes.

Previously working as a Service Coordination Hydrologist at the Colorado Basin River Forecast Center and a Regional Hydrologic Science Program Manager at the National Weather Service Western Region Headquarters, Kevin has a wealth of experience in both NOAA and the western United States. Kevin has worked in the field of hydrologic prediction on daily and seasonal timescales for the past decade, contributing to forecast verifications and assessments, advancing forecast skill through transitioning products from research to operations, and applying forecasts and science to decision making on water resources, emergency management, and drought. Kevin also served as a Science Advisor on the Presidential Sandy Rebuilding Task Force in 2013 and as a Special Assistant to the Regional Administrator in the Northwest Region of the National Marine Fisheries Service in 2012. 

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science in atmospheric sciences and mathematics and a Master of Science in atmospheric sciences from the University of Washington, and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Utah. Kevin also served as an adjunct instructor at the University of Utah teaching “Introduction to Meteorology” to undergraduate students. Kevin serves on the American Meteorological Society Board on Global Strategies.

Congratulations to Kevin Werner, the new Western Regional Climate Services Director!

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