NEW Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Extent Climate Data Record

Image of Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Extent Climate Data Record

September 25, 2012, NCDC announced the release of the Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Extent (SCE) Climate Data Record (CDR). This CDR documents the large-scale variability of snow cover over land in the Northern Hemisphere from October 1966 to the present—a period spanning nearly 47 years. The CDR was developed at Rutgers University by combining and improving an operational NOAA snow cover product and the National Ice Center’s Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System products. The temporal resolution of the CDR is weekly and the spatial resolution varies with latitude, ranging from ~10,600 sq. km near the equator to ~41,300 sq. km near the North Pole.

As with all operational CDRs at NCDC, the SCE CDR meets rigorous standards recommended by the National Academy of Sciences and other expert bodies to help ensure consistent, reliable, and scientifically defensible products. The SCE CDR can be used in a wide range of applications, including large-scale climate model validation, climatological analyses of snow cover, hydrology, albedo and energy flux, and snow-sea ice studies. The CDR can also support decision-making in industry and government, as well as oceanographers, meteorologists, cryospheric researchers, biologists, ecologists, native communities, and civilian and government planners. 

The SCE CDR and NCDC's other operational CDRs are available online.