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New Climate Monitoring Videos on

Downpours and Droughts: Timing is Everything
Credit: NOAA

Baking the Breadbasket: Persistent Drought in the Heartland
Credit: NOAA posted two new Climate Monitoring videos starring Deke Arndt, Chief of the Climate Monitoring Branch at NCDC. The video entitled “Baking the Breadbasket: Persistent Drought in the Heartland” recaps the summer 2012 climate conditions across the United States, from scorching July heat to the well-below-average summer rainfall. The temperatures and lack of precipitation affected farmers and their crops throughout the summer. The other video entitled “Downpours and Droughts: Timing is Everything” discusses why the heavy rains from Hurricane Isaac in late August fell too late and mostly in the wrong places to provide much relief from the U.S. drought. Hurricane Isaac dumped as much as one foot of rain in the already soggy areas of coastal Louisiana, Alabama, and throughout the surrounding Coastal Plain, causing additional flooding and damage. To the north and west, many regions had about a one-foot water deficit but got no relief from Isaac.

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