NEW Climate Data Online Update

Screenshot of Climate Data Online Web Application

NCDC recently released a new version of its Climate Data Online (CDO) web application—version 2.4—which now provides access to supplemental 30-year Normals (1981–2010) data and includes a number of new text search features that allow users to preface search terms by specific categories such as zip code, county, state, or country.

The new supplemental Normals update existing daily and monthly data forms to include growing degree day data and other conditional probabilities. Additionally, CDO version 2.4 provides a new form for certified annual and seasonal frost/freeze information. This new form replaces older products like CLIM20, CLIM81, and CLIM84.

CDO offers public access to climate information via discovery, ordering, and web services. The data available through CDO are free of charge and can be viewed online or ordered and delivered to your email inbox.

Click here to access CDO!