Integrated Surface Data processing has been delayed. This affects Global Hourly data, Global Summary of the Day (GSOD), and Local Climatological Data (LCD). We anticipate data to be updated late this week or over the weekend.

NCDC Wins Award of Distinction from the Center for Plain Language

NCDC’s “2013 Global Significant Climate Anomalies and Events Map” won an Award of Distinction from the Center for Plain Language. The map is also eligible to receive the Best Public Original Document Award and the Grand ClearMark Award, which will be announced at the ClearMark Awards banquet on April 22 in Washington, DC.

2013 Global Significant Climate Anomalies and Events Map

Access the 2013 Global Significant Weather and Events Map from the 2013 Global Climate Report.

The ClearMark awards celebrate the best in clear communication and plain language from government, nonprofits, and private companies. Judged by a panel of international experts, each entry must meet a strict set of criteria to win a ClearMark award. For example, entries must specify their audiences and use design and layout to reinforce their meaning. Entries are also required to minimize jargon and use sentence structure, strong verbs, word choice, and other similar techniques to ensure the audience can read, understand, and use the information. Overall, winning entries are successful in fulfilling the purpose for which they were intended.

For more information on the Center for Plain Language’s ClearMark awards, visit their Awards page. To view all of NCDC’s Global Climate Reports, visit the Global Analysis page.