NCDC Releases New Strategic Vision

Image of Summary of NCDC's Strategic Vision for Stewarding the Nation's Climate Data

On May 6, 2013, NCDC released its new Strategic Vision for Stewarding the Nation’s Climate Data. Ensuring the Center has the ability to respond to critical environmental information needs, this Strategic Vision lays the necessary framework for developing, stewarding, and delivering authoritative climate datasets and monitoring products for years to come. On a more fundamental level, this effort signals a renewed commitment from NCDC to work cooperatively across NOAA and the federal government to be the Nation’s provider of trusted and authoritative information on the current and changing state of the climate.

The goals of this Strategic Vision reflect NCDC’s desire to provide as much value to the Nation as possible. They describe the Center’s most important priorities and their links to the communities that NCDC serves. The Strategic Vision represents a future for NCDC that is more focused, innovative, and effective than ever. It reflects the efforts of a diverse and talented group of scientists, technologists, professionals, and managers, all of whom are dedicated to fulfilling the data acquisition, archive, access, assessment, service, and administrative functions of a first-rate environmental information organization.

“This vision positions us to respond to changing opportunities and challenges as well as to better deliver on our Mission by improving the alignment of activities and skills,” says NCDC Director, Tom Karl. “We have the opportunity to optimize operations by better integrating across functional areas. Together we can serve the Nation’s increasing need for a trusted authority on climate and historical weather information.”

The full Strategic Vision for Stewarding the Nation’s Climate Data is available on NCDC’s website.