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NCDC Product Highlight: U.S. Daily Temperature and Precipitation Records

Did you know that NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) provides an easy and quick way to search for temperature, precipitation, and snowfall station records set on a given day or month?  NCDC’s U.S. Records page is a popular and easy-to-use product that provides information on the number of stations that either tied or broke a daily, monthly, or all-time record, while also providing information on the station and its new (and previous) record.

Since the United States is such a large and diverse landmass, it has widely varying climate conditions. Factors that affect local climates include topography, elevation, proximity to oceans, lakes, and rivers, and latitude. The temperature and precipitation records that NCDC provides reflect some of the unique climate conditions of the different areas of the country.

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